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The Investment Attractiveness Phenomenon in Kaluga Oblast

Over the last 15 years Kaluga Oblast has established itself among the leading regions with a favorable investment climate. Regional models of investment cooperation were highly appreciated by Russian and foreign investors. The article discusses the main advantages of the investment policy in Kaluga Oblast, as well as its priorities for the nearest future. It also describes the factors impeding the acceleration of investment. It is concluded that the experience of Kaluga Oblast can be possibly used by other Russian regions in attracting investments 

Okruzhko O. A.

Keywords: dynamics Калужская область государственно-частное партнерство институты развития индустриальные площадки

Innovation Market in Siberia: Limits and Capacities

The paper analyzes the contradictory features of the Siberian development which do not fully reflect what Siberia contributes to the growth of the country’s economy. We consider several investment preconditions which would allow new industrialization in Siberia and the Far East, and what our science and innovations could contribute to the SFD regional development. We describe how regional branches of the RAS could be involved in scientific supervising a number of technological platforms and clusters to enhance the development of the new and traditional sectors in the eastern regions of the country and how the existed and potential forms of regional branches of the RAS could cooperate with other participants of innovation activities for this purpose

Untura G. A.

Keywords: Siberia authorities education Siberia dynamics innovation science Northern Sea Route education

Siberia's Role in Protecting Russia's Food Supply

The article substantiates Siberia's role in ensuring food supply security of the country. We specify problems of the Siberian agro-industrial complex and ways to overcome them that would eventually allow the agro-industrial production to contribute significantly to food supply security of the country. The paper assesses a need in additional investments

Shchetinina I. V.

Balashov A. P.

Keywords: food supply security food supply security Siberia agro-industrial complex Siberia food availability business dynamics

Disparities in the Resource Economies of a Federative Type

The paper analyses how some experts assess the Russian economy considered as a resource economy, and how institutions of a resource economy influence the unequal efficiency of regional innovation processes. We show what the administrations of the RF subjects could do both for localization of development effects in the resource sector and attraction of investments from the stock market in the context of “a manually managed economy”, and what key tools they have to apply to perform a direct control and carry out negotiations.

Ageeva S. D.

Keywords: federalism region federalism region regions innovation dynamics resource economy

Analyzing Global and Local Efficiency of a Large Investment Project

The paper presents the calculations of the local and global efficiencies of a large investment project; a technique for identifying conflicts which could arise between an investor and society; and a growth of national final consumption obtained by implementation of such project. To make our calculations, we apply an optimization intersectoral interregional model, and an approach to selecting the best project based on comparison of local and global alternatives to find the Pareto-optimal solutions. The assessment of efficiency is made by a speed index of value growth developed by the author.

Kogan A. B.

Keywords: large investment project local efficiency global efficiency dynamics speed index of value growth

Tools of a monetary policy and regional investments

The paper analyzes the influence of monetary policy transmission mechanisms on regional economic development and, in particular, on investments. We consider six-year data for fourteen regions of the Volga Federal District. We identify the factors of monetary policy which should be of a special attention in considering regional specifics.

Speranskaya L. L.

Keywords: region economy dynamics region

Assessing efficiency of large transportation projects

The study considers an issue of the assessment of large-scaled projects. It also presents our statement of the problem under a situation of uncertainty, concept of assessment of regional-transportation projects by applying expert technologies, and numerical illustration of how expected efficiencies of the alternative passages of transportation over the Eastern Bosporus Strait could be assessed at the pre-de-signing stage. We show under what conditions the construction of a bridge connecting the Russky Island could be regarded as a preferential alternative.

Kibalov Ie. B.

Kin A. A.

Khutoretsky A. B.

Keywords: large-scaled project passage of transportation the Eastern Bosporus Strait dynamics structure Siberia investments agricultural enterprises investment project

A fuzzy-set analysis of regional transportation projects

The paper offers an approach to support decision-making on selecting an investment project among alternative large-scaled transportation projects. This approach is based on principles of fuzzy set theory. Using this approach, we analyze the competitive projects on construction a bridge connecting the Russky Island. For this purpose we calculate and analyze the costs of alternative projects and their planned timing schedules. We present a cost- risk assessment of a set of timing schedules admissible within network constraints to compute a fussy set of Paretto-optimal plans. We also present our recommendations on how any timing schedule could be corrected.

Bespalov I. A. phoenix_w@mail.га

Keywords: dynamics investments assessment investment project reserves efficiency regional transportation project efficiency

The state and problems in providing investment support for implementation of the Siberian socio-economic development strategy

The paper analyzes the economic development of Siberia (12 RF subjects which make up the Siberian Federal District) on key indicators included in the Siberian Socio-Economic Development Strategy up to 2020. The authors offer their improvements to be included into federal and regional policies aimed at attracting investments for realization of basic priorities of the Strategy, and proposals on higher investments to be made into Siberia by the Russian central and regional governments, and business-communities.

Psarev V. I.

Psareva T. V.

Tomenko V. P.

Keywords: Siberia industrial policy Siberia dynamics Siberia natural resource development

Modernizing the real sector of the economy: spatial aspect

The paper considers the principle tasks, priorities, trends, and sources of modernizing the Russian socio-economic system and its real sector. We show the peculiarities of modernization of the spatial structure of the economy; dynamics and efficiency of some economic activities; and the fact that peculiarities of regional economic systems such as the state and structure of fixed assets, sectoral production structure, and receptivity to innovations are the important factors of the modernization. We also describe the different approaches to regional policy aimed at modernization, and display a necessity to have a balanced regional policy.

Aganbegyan A. G.

Miheeva N. N.

Soboleva S. V.

Fetisov G. G.

Keywords: modernization modernization priorities of the sectoral development financial resources spatial growth state of fixed assets dynamics dynamics and efficiency of different industries regional policy investments interregional differentiation

Structural and institutional context of building an innovation economy

The study considers the key factors of building and further development an innovation economy and peculiarities of Russian institutional system of the post-soviet period. We show how a natural resource rent has defined a character of the built institutions, and we also prove the necessity of reforms in public administration to overcome a «resource curse» of Russian economy and ensure its innovation development.

Alexeyev A. V.

Keywords: economic institutions innovation economy dynamics investments economic assessment

Improving innovation management at an industrial enterprise

Successful realization of innovations and investment at the enterprises of individual or small-scale production where technically complicated products are manufactured proved to be those which capable to apply different technologies as well as to build well developed innovation services and key competences. Such enterprises should be innovatively mobile in order to be able quickly produce a wide range of products. A well balanced system of indicators will allows checking the implementation of any strategy.

Tsomayeva I. V.

Keywords: innovation strategy economic management new products dynamics investments

Northern regions of Russia: economic dynamics and development problems

The paper describes what regional economic tendencies are observed in the Russian North, and how national crisis processes affect the regional economies. We tried to take into consideration a current necessity of enhancing the innovation factors for the development of both national and regional economies.

Selin V. S.

Keywords: taxes financial-economic crisis regulation dynamics innovation forecast country economy region crisis region economy region economy

Investing serial sea shipbuilding

In the author's opinion, it is reasonable to make the analysis and forecasting of the development of a sea shipbuilding sector together with those concerning further operation of such ships. We show what are the specifics of assessing how efficient the investments into construction of civic seagoing ships (or purchases on a secondary market) from the investor's point of view. We also argue for a reasonable ratio between own and borrowed funds invested into construction of new ships.

Ogay S. A.

Keywords: shipbuilding sector maritime industry dynamics assessment investments

World financial crisis and Russian oil-and-gas complex

In the period of crisis, there was observed a short slowdown in implementation of the production and infrastructure projects by Russian oil-and-gas production complex. We show that there was no notable drop in investments made into the oil-and-gas production and transport while a critical reduction in financing the geologic explorations happened. The world oil and gas prices decreased in relation to their peak values, but remain at the level exceeding the values of the last decades, and show tendency to grow.

Korzhubaev A. G.

Keywords: crisis oil crisis banks prices oil dynamics production gas

Analyzing the criteria for intergovernmental links between the center and regions

The paper analyses how the distribution of centralized investments influence regional development through applying an optimization multi-regional model of money flows analysis and foresting. We consider here an approach which takes into account the achievement of a system-wide effect and distribution of resources according to the criterion of maximization of the minimal development level. We present our assessment of how distribution of resources between regions influences the dynamics of the system-wide effect.

Marshak V. D.

Keywords: optimization multi-regional model of money flows analysis and foresting dynamics region investments region criterion of maximization of the minimal development fiscal capacity

How the infrastructure affects the oil-and-gas projects in the East Siberia and the Sakha Republic

То foresee the allocation of the oil-gas-chemistry companies in the territory of East Siberia and the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) and their further development on the base of resources of the East Siberian Oil-and-gas Complex (ESOGC), the paper analyzes competitive advantages of different regions. We present the spot analysis of regional advantages and infrastructural constraints which oil-and-gas companies could face while implementing their projects. We also present the balance valuations of supply and demand for light hydrocarbons for different scenarios of the ESOGC development. We identified the corporate, regional and national priorities for allocation of the oil-gas-chemistry complexes. We assess how infrastractural constraints influence the implementation of investment projects, as well as complexity and efficiency of the hydrocarbons usage.

Vizhina I. A.

Kharitonova V. N.

Keywords: oil-gas-chemistry projects efficiency of hydrocarbons usage transportation and energy infrastructure infrastractural constraints dynamics investment

Budget efficiency ofenergydevelopment .

We assess budgetary efficiency of a fuel and energy complex in the East of Russia. And we compare two sources of investments required for development of this complex – from budgets of all levels and taxes paid by the complex to relative budgets.

Korneyev A. G.

Tsapakh A. S.

Bobkov K. A.

Keywords: Far East electrical energy industry coal industry Far East of Russia dynamics economy fuel and energy resources fiscal policy

Assessing socio-economic development in a constituent entity of the Russian Federation under new conditions

The paper analyses potential impacts of recessionary events on the dynamics of regional development. Our calculations have been made by applying an optimization forecasting model to the money flows observed in the Novosibirsk Oblast. We treated the recessionary impacts as follows: a reduction in regional financing by the federal government, devaluation of national currency, transformations of overdue repayment of debts on issued loans, and a reduction in capital projects financing. We show that it is the policy concerning the investment of construction projects - first of all, large ones - proved to be a key factor affecting the socio-economic development in a region.

Marshak V. D.

Keywords: region economy region economy finance crisis dynamics money flows

Capacities and prospects of the innovation development in Siberia

The paper shows a present state of the Siberian scientific, technological and innovation potential which includes a number of scientific achievements of world's significance, a developed system of higher education and scientific personnel training, and an advanced industrial complex including the knowledge-intensive sectors. We identify the key challenges of future development and key problems required to be resolved to build a holistic innovation system in Siberia which could adequately solve such challenges; and propose a scenario of how the existed potential could be targeted on innovation development that allow better competitive advantages of SFD and more favorable conditions of life.

Kravchenko N. A.

Untura G. A.

Keywords: challenges Siberia dynamics innovation education strategy region investments infrastructure innovation Siberia

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