• №1 (january-march)

    The Role of an Institutional Governance System in Implementing an Integrated Approach to Territory Development

    Multidimensional Structuring of Institutional Maintenance of Region’s Spatial Development: Principles and Methodology

    Non-Monotonic Impact of Financial Development on Economic Dynamics in the Russian Regions

    Altai Krai Under Economic Instability: Key Trends and Development Peculiarities

    Evaluating the Impact of Human Capital on Economic Dynamics in Russian Regions

    Rural Youth Migration in an Agrarian Region: Trends and Regulating Factors

    Adaptation Strategies and “Anti-Crisis MeasAdaptation Strategies and «Anti-Crisis Measures» of Russians Under Economic Crisisures” of Russians under Economic Crisis

    Innovative Development in the Interior of Reindustrialization of the Regional Space of Russia

    Shadow Economy in Russian Regions: Urban and Rural Areas Contributions

    Mongolian Transit: Tactical Steps to Solve Strategic Goals

    he Baikal Region: «Environmental Cost» of Economic Growth

    Renewable Power Sources of Siberia: the Reached and Prospects

    Dynamic Evaluation of the Efficiency of Monotown’s Economic Diversification (Case Study of Kemerovo Oblast)

  • №2 (april - june)

    Studying Siberia’s Economy: Continuity and Complexity

    Interlevel Financial Flows in the Budgetary System of the Russian Federation

    Theoretical Arguments and Empirical Evidence in Strategic Planning

    Quantification Inequality (the Case of Remuneration Income in the Constituent Entities of The Russian Federation)

    Siberia from the Perspective of Human Development

    Measuring Demographic Well-Being of Regions

    Leaders and Outsiders in Survival of Economically Active Population: Regional Demographic Analysis

    High-Tech Business Development in Siberia: Problems and Prospects

    Assessment of International Exhibitions’ Influence on Regional Development

    Population Health and Environmental Pollution: Regional Aspects

    Citizen Participation/Non-Participation in Urban Planning

    Spatial Development Strategy of Russia: Expectation and Reality

  • №3 (july - september)

    On the Performance of the «Sakhalin - Mainland» Railway Project

    Methods of Measuring the Shadow Economy at the Regional Level

    Positive Compromises in Constructing Interregional Input-Output Tools for Forecasting Economic Development

    Assessing and Regulating Food Sovereignty and Security for Siberian Population

    Differences in Staple Food Consumption Among the Northern Regions of Russia

    Features of the Child and Adolescent Morbidity Dynamics of the Siberian Federal District in the Context of Russian Trends

    Verifying the Results of Genuine Savings Assessment in Regions

    Establishing Conditions for a Strategic Alliance of Raw Materials Companies to Implement Gas Chemical Cluster Projects in the Russian East

    Migratory and Investment Activity of Russian Citizens in the Real Estate Market of Moscow and Moscow Oblast

    Improving Economic Instruments for Water Resources Management in a Region

    Estimation of the Potential Processing of Household Solid Waste in the Siberian Regions

    Damage Compensation Towards Indigenous Small-Numbered Peoples of Yakutia for Land Industrialization

    Developing the Methodology of Theoretical and Applied Research of Spatial Systems

    Topical Issues of Siberia's Economic Development Amidst Global Challenges ofthe XXI Century

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