• №1 (january-march)

    Interregional Differentiation, Donor and Recipient Regions: a Variety of Estimates and Conclusions

    Inclusive Growth and Regional Resilience in Russia

    Effect of Health Capital on the Economic Growth in Russian Regions

    Unemployment in Arkhangelsk Oblast: Causes and Ways of Reduction

    Tourism TechnologicalPlatform as a Tool to Ensure the Competitiveness of Regional Tourism Products

    Akademgorodok 2.0 Megaproject: Dreams Come True?

    Forming Value-Added Chains of High-Tech Diamond-Lonsdalite Mineral Raw Materials of Arctic as F actors of Growth in Industrial Efficiency

    Eco-Socio-Economic Efficiency of Digital Economy Technologies Under Shortage of Manpower in Siberian Regions

  • №2 (april - june)

    Economic Interests of Regional Reproduction Subjects: Conflicts and Their Resolution Within a System of Management

    Contribution of Economic Sectors and Their Determinants to Tax Revenues of Consolidated Budgets in Subjects of the Russian Federation

    Economic Dynamics of Russian Regions: Crises and Ways of Restoring Growth

    The Study of Spatial Effects in Regional Dynamics of Labor Productivity

    Agricultural Regions of Russia: Concept, Approaches to Their Selection and Its Results

    Methodological Foundation for a System Theory of Creating and Developing Innovation Clusters in Russian Regions (Case Study of the Medicine and Technology Cluster in Novosibirsk Oblast)

    Changes in the Size and Sex-Age Structure of the Population in the Siberian Federal District and Its Regions From 1989 to 2017: Impact Assessment and Risks

    Migration Exchange Between Regions of Different Types (Case Study of T yumen Oblast and the Republic of Bashkorto stan)

    Large-Scale Railway Projects in Eastern Russia: an Expert Review

    Small Innovative Enterprises in Regions: Strategic Orientations and Tactics for Achieving Them

    Regional Investment Standard As an Institutional Tool for Improving Russia’s Regions Investment Climate

    Success Factors of Car Sharing Services in Russia

    Partnership of Science, Education and Business: Myths and Reality

  • №3 (july - september)

    Flow of Financial Resources between the Federal Budget and the Arctic Regions in Russia

    Regulative Mechanisms of Evolution of Multiregional System in Russia

    A Model-Innovative Aspect in International Economic Regional Studies

    Digital Economy: New Opportunities and Threats for Regions

    The Effect of Regional Conditions on the Development of High-Tech Companies in Russia

    Comparative Analysis of the Return on Human Capital in the European and Asian Regions of Russia

    Solidarization as a Social Phenomenon and a Social Process: Regional Context

    Social Entrepreneurship as a Subject of Social Services Within Innovative Development of the Russian Society (Case Study of the Republic of Karelia)

    Regional Distribution of Foreign Direct Investment in Russian Economy

    Interregional Input-Output Optimization Model as a Tool for Evaluating the Efficiency of Large-Scale Railway Projects

    Choosing a Management Model for the Tolmachevo Aerotropolis Inter-Municipal Project

    Current Economic and Institutional Capabilities of PRC Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region with Regard to Interregional Cooperation

  • №4 (october - december)

    What the Regions Can Do to Overcome Stagnation and Rekindle Prominent Social and Economic Growth

    Akademgorodok 2.0: Development Scenarios and Management System

    Estimating Spatial Coherence of Economic Activity in Russian Regions

    Availability of Banks’ Offices in the Russian Regions: Estimation of the Role of Distances and Other Factors

    A Typology of Russian Regions Based on Drug Security

    Preferential Mechanisms Introduced by the Federal Subjects of Russia for Non-Profit Organizations as Socially Beneficial Services Providers

    Farming Households in Siberian Villages: Transformation Problems

    Informational Support of Regional Development Project Management in the Context of Digitalization

    Evaluating the Impact of Infrastructure on Economic Development in Russian Regions

    A Concept of Choice and Transforming Development Models in Kemerovo Oblast and Their Synchronization with the Kuzbass-2035 Strategy

    Water Resources as an Impediment to Social and Economic Development in Crimea

    Methodology for Evaluating the Attractiveness of Russia’s Major Cities for Residents, Tourists, and Businesses

    Evaluating the Performance of Cultural Heritage Conservation Projects

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