• №1 (january-march)

    The COVID-19 Pandemic in the Regions of Greater Siberia: Process Diagnosis, Interaction with Types of Regional Space, and Characterization of Special Cases

    Evaluating the Effectiveness of Metropolitan Area Management: Theoretical and Practical Aspects

    Asian Russia: Spatial Structure and Economic Development Factors

    Evaluating the Impact of Place Branding on Domestic Tourism Development in the Constituent Entities of Russia

    Features of Changes in the Number and Age Structure of Female Reproductive Cohorts in Russia under Conditions of Depopulation

    Dugarzhapova and E.Yu. Piskunov. Input-Output Analysis of Regional Economy with the Miyazawa Model

    Greater Altai: Development and International Cooperation Features

    II International Conference on Eurasian Cross-Border Economic, Scientific and Technological Interactions: Reflecting on the Outcomes

  • №2 (april - june)

    Belarus-Russia Union Programs: a Mirage or the Beginning of Integration into the Union State?

    The Crucial Role of Research Environment in Fostering High-Tech and Knowledge-Intensive Companies in the Region

    Methodological Approaches for Substantiating the Development Directions of Grain Export Infrastructure in Siberia

    Death in Russia: Exploring the What, Where, and How

    Formation of Regional Community Subjectness in Russia: a Socio-Cultural Aspect

    The Economic and Sociocultural Factors Shaping Migration Attitudes of Residents in the North Caucasus

    Regional Culture Development as a Competitive Advantage Factor in the Battle for Human Capital

    Peculiarities of Assessing the Socio-Economic Effectiveness of Comprehensive Investment Projects for Innovation Infrastructure: a Case Study of the ISTC on Russky Island

    Eurasian Integration Priorities and Factors in View of the Ideas of Eurasianism Classics and the Role of Siberia in Shaping a Promising Model for Civilizational Future

    Cross-Border Cooperation in the East of Russia: Foreign Direct Investment

    Environmental Well-Being of the Arctic Territories: Official Data vs the Public’s Views (the Komi Republic and Arkhangelsk Oblast Case Study)

  • №3 (july - september)

    Stress Changes of Russian Regions’ Tax Systems under the Influence of External Shocks

    Opportunities for the Development of Tyumen Oblast Based on Oil and Gas Innovations

    Cooperative-Network Interactions of Organizations of the Region: Research Methodology and Results

    Smart City as a Factor in the Development of High-Tech Companies

    The Potential of Smart Technologies to Reduce Youth Migration in the Russian Arctic Regions

    Assessment of Firm-Specific Human Capital in the Context of Emergence Research

    Sustainable Growth of the Development Districts in Tuva: a Sociological Aspect

    City’s Tourist Attractiveness from Local Residents’ Point of View: Netnographic Approach

    Cost-Benefit Analysis in the Evaluation of Large Research Infrastructure Projects: Akademgorodok 2.0

    Academic Cooperation in Siberia and Kazakhstan: Between the Past and the Future

    Transbaikalia as a Communications Hub with the Outside World: Potential and Risks

    Socioeconomic Zoning of the Cross-Border Region Between Kazakhstan and Russia

    Structural, Institutional, and Spatial Factors in the Operation of Novosibirsk Oblast Enterprises

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