• №1 (january-march)

    Territorial Approach to the System of Public Administration in the Russian Federation

    A Practice of Introducing the Territorial Approach to the System of Public Administration in the Russian Federation

    Administrative Evaluation of Regional Authorities: Economic Theory and Russia's Experience

    Megapolises and megapolis-ness phenomenon in Russia

    The Relationship between R&D, Knowledge Spillovers and Dynamics of Economic Growth ofthe Russian Regions

    Tools for Justifying the Parameters of Strategic Regional Development Based on Adaptive Simulation

    Russian NEET Youth: Analysis of Regional Differentiation

    Factors of Spatial Mobility for Russians

    Shadow Economy in Russian Regions: an Estimation with the MIMIC Model

    Key Development Problems of the Power of Siberia Project

    Application Features of Inclusive Development Concept in Resource Regions

    Problems of Environmental Pollution in Russian Regions

    Transregional Cooperation as a Factor to Strengthen Interstate Relations in the Union State

    Reforming the System of Local Government: Estimates and Problems

  • №2 (april - june)

    An Institutional System to Manage the Socio-Economic Development of Regions

    Models for Assessing the Indicators of Protection of the Country and Its Regions

    Institutional Factors to Assess the Spatial Development of Regional Banks

    Price Levels Across Russian Regions

    Siberian Federal District: What Prevents Economic Growth

    Estimation of the Public Efficiency of the Infrastructure Project on the Example of the Second Branch ofthe Eastern Siberia - Pacific Ocean Oil Pipeline

    Fertility in the Regions ofRussia: Convergence or Divergence

    Analysis of Changes in the Settlement System of Yakutia

    Competitive Cooperation of Territories as an Economic Reality

    Estimating Relation Between Innovative Development of Large Companies and Their Efficiency

    The Spatial Transformation of the Northwestern Macro-Region in the Post-Soviet Period

    Prospects Study of Using Crowdsourcing in Managing the Region

    Hydropower Projects in the Mongolian Part of the Selenga River Transboundary Basin: Possible Risks for the Russian Federation

    Predicting Population Morbidity Under the Conditions of Air Pollution

    Socio-Spatial Segregation of the City on the Example ofthe Residential Market in Novosibirsk

    Value Orientation in the Concept of Strategic Management: Analyzing Practices of Russian High-Tech Companies

  • №3 (july - september)

    A New Interdisciplinary Area of Study: Arctic Regional Science

    Methods for the State Regulation of the Russian Economy in Various Socio-Economic Formations

    Russian Regions in the System of Global Workforce Productivity Trends

    Economic Growth and Urbanization of Russian Regions

    Reindustrialization of Agro-Industrial Complex as the Food Security Basis for Russian Regions

    Reindustrialization of the Rural Economy in Transbaikal: Traps and Opportunities

    Classification of Russian Regions by Age-Specific Natality Models

    Classification of Russian Regions by Age-Specific Natality Models

    Fundraisers and Their Motivation (Case of Public Social Service Agencies in Omsk Oblast)

    Spatial Development Features of Oil and Gas Services: Global Trends and Lessons for Russia

    Using the OMMM-TEK Information-Program-Model Complex in Scenario Analysis of the Development of the Fuel and Energy Sector in Regions: Methodical Aspects

    The Irtysh River Transboundary Basin: Problems and Solutions

    Climate and Reported Subjective Well-Being of Russia’s Households

    High-Tech Leaders: Sustainability of Their Market Positions, Sectoral and Regional Characteristics

    The Practice of Evaluating Strategies of Municipal Districts

  • №4 (october - december)

    Siberia’s Role in the Spatial Development of Russia and its Positioning in the Russian Federation Spatial Development Strategy

    Project SIRENA: from Concept to Technology

    Inter-Budgetary Relations in the System of State Regional Policy Measure

    Northern Regions in Russia: the Level and Structure of Mortality

    Age Specific of Interregional Migration in Russia

    Contribution of Various Sources to Interregional Personal Income Inequality in Russia

    Factors of Growth of Russian Regions: Adaptation to New Conditions

    Medium-Term Forecasting of the Development of the Buryat Republic with a Dynamic Input-Output Model

    Assessing External Influence on Trade in the Regions of the Siberian Federal District

    Project for the Construction of the Fourth Ob River Motorway Bridge in Novosibirsk: Analysis and Evaluation of Alternatives under Risk

    Transaction Costs in the Subsoil Use: Eco-Economic Analysis of the Mechanisms of Public-Private Partnerships

    Trans-Eurasian Transport Megaprojects: Project Intentions

    Optimizing Planning of Innovative Process from New Product Development to Distribution

    Forum for China–Russia Economic Cooperation and Innovative Development

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