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Dynamics of the innovation activity in the Russian regions

Presenting the economic-mathematical estimation of innovation activity taken place in the subjects of the Russian Federation, the author shows that both innovation space and innovation activity in the Russian regions proved to be heterogeneous.

Kazantsev S. V.

Keywords: innovation activity region Kyrgyz Republic structure

Assessing efficiency of large transportation projects

The study considers an issue of the assessment of large-scaled projects. It also presents our statement of the problem under a situation of uncertainty, concept of assessment of regional-transportation projects by applying expert technologies, and numerical illustration of how expected efficiencies of the alternative passages of transportation over the Eastern Bosporus Strait could be assessed at the pre-de-signing stage. We show under what conditions the construction of a bridge connecting the Russky Island could be regarded as a preferential alternative.

Kibalov Ie. B.

Kin A. A.

Khutoretsky A. B.

Keywords: large-scaled project passage of transportation the Eastern Bosporus Strait dynamics structure Siberia investments agricultural enterprises investment project

Assessing a scope of modernization in the units of the Russian Federation

The author describes a scope of innovation activities carried out by the subjects of the Russia Federation, and presents his instructive conclusions which could be useful in shaping elements of both Russian and regional innovation spatial policies.

Kazantsev S. V.

Keywords: innovation innovations structure the subjects of the Russian Federation

Assessing efficiency of the land and local (municipal) authorities in Germany

The paper analyses the European technique for assessing efficiency of public administration - the Common Assessment Framework (CAF) - the most widespread in Germany at present, and can conclude that this technique could not be regarded neither an universal remedy against any problem experienced by public authorities nor a remedy which can bring immediate and cardinal improvements in governance. The application of CAF should become a regular instrument for analyzing and promoting the efficiency of government institutions.

Baranova K.

Keywords: Germany region structure Germany public administration

Competitive advantages and innovative character of regional economies

The paper develops basic elements of the modeling and methodical support for assessing the competitiveness of regional economies, and presents an econometric model for Kemerovo Oblast which allows identifying the most important factors and their impacts on regional competitiveness. We show that the more innovations are implemented by any RF unit, the higher competitiveness of such unit may be.

Fridman Yu. A.

Rechko G. N.

Limonov A. G.

Keywords: region structure competitiveness economy region assessment competitiveness economy

The international competitiveness of R&D

The paper compares the rating methods for analyzing the international positions of Europe and Hungary in R&D competition, and considers the correlation of elements of the national innovation system in Hungary. The author concludes that still there is no satisfactory technique to have reliable comparisons but despite the methodological shortcomings the deteriorated respective positions of the EU and Hungary in the global economic competition, as some indicators show, can be observed within the recent decades. Reasons why this happened and the arguments for current necessity of greater R&D expenses to increase the competitiveness of the EU are presented.

Torok A.

Keywords: European Union R&D scientific and research works competitiveness structure methods innovation

Assessing the share of environmental costs in GRP

The paper proves that natural capital depletion should be taken into account in assessing a level of regional economic development. The problems of correcting GRP are discussed. We present our cost estimates of environmental damage caused by economic activity and experienced by Russia and the regions of the Siberian Federal Region. Our estimates were made on the base of a cost approach

Zabelina L. A.

Klevakina Ye. A.

Keywords: region structure incomes inter-regional inequality region assessment

Transformed population crediting in the Siberian Federal District

The paper analyzes, on the base of a presented sampling, the trends of population crediting by the banks in the Siberian Federal District in the periods of the pre-crisis, crisis and post-crisis restoration. We can state that in the crisis a sex structure of borrowers (physical persons) has significantly changed. We calculated the possibilities of borrowers' default in different borrowers' groups such as sex-, age-, education- and family state ones. We present our considerations on how to adjust the methods for assessing the borrowers' credit risks according to the Basel II requirements. We offer a rating technique to assess physical personswhich allows an improved classification of borrowers and the more adequate credit risk assessment.

Petukhova M. V.

Keywords: credit financial crisis bank physical persons methods structure bank borrower's behavior methods

Evaluating inequalities in the municipal development

The paper analyzes economic inequalities in the development of municipal units, and compares them with those concerning the subjects of the Russian Federation. We can state that the economic inequalities within the RF subject may be higher by some indicators than those between the RF subjects; and also can state that there are some municipal units observed in different RF subj ects and characterized by equal indicators. This proves the existence of trans-border regions that are economically similar. We also identify the scales of backwardness existing in most regions in comparison with regional capitals and industrial centers, and show their steady character.

Sidelnikov N. V.

Keywords: subject of the Russian Federation municipal unit region industrial policy region structure

Assessing social efficiency of rail transport in megalopolis

The paper analyzes how megalopolis uses the trunk and approach lines to provide industrial and intracity communications. A preferable strategy for the development of railway transportation is presented. We show how effective a «trolley car - train» project could be for resolving transportation problems in Novosibirsk.

Yepishkina K. M.

Keywords: rail transport megalopolis railway network general plan structure Siberia scenarios assessment

Structural reform of the rail transportation as an institutional project: analysis of strategic aspects

The paper analyses a large-scale institutional project of the Russian Federation - a structural reform in the railway sector. We describe the specifics of the methodology applied to the assessment of efficiency of the project characterized by high risks and dependant on multi-aspects externalities. We also show negative and positive results of the reform, what failures are observed and why they happened; and make recommendations on how, at least, to mitigate the consequences of such failures, if we will fail to eliminate them completely.

Kibalov Ie. B.

Kin A. A.

Keywords: institutional project rail transportation reform structure assessment Siberia

Economic safety and estimation of a region economic protection

Economic protection of regions is one of the set of elements of a national economic safety system. The paper discusses the key notions of economic safety, and it offers a technique to estimate levels of regions' economic protection

Kazantsev S. V.

Keywords: economic safety protection region region structure

Assessing the geography of investment flows

The paper presents an indirect method for assessing directions of financial flows between regions. We tested whether the regional investment potential could be analyzed through applying data provided by the national accounts statistics (such indicators as the gross profit and gross mixed income), and data provided by the regional statistics (an index of potential investment resources calculated on the base of some indicators). As we determined, both show similar results - the growing financial potential in the period of high economic growth rates. We introduce a special coefficient showing a region/industry investment rating calculated according to the "sender-addressee" principle. The dynamics of this coefficient allows assessing the potential scopes and directions of redistribution of investment resources between regions

Melnikova L. V.

Keywords: inter-regional investment flows directions methods structure methods assessment

Approaches to the ecologic-economic assessment of desertification of areas

The paper offers an approach to assess the economic, social and ecologic consequences of desertification. We identify the key factors producing economic damage. The ecologic-economic analysis of a simulative area of intense desertification is presented. To assess economic and social consequences of desertification, we use the data of the public opinion poll

Radnaev B. L.

Mikheeva A. S.

Keywords: desertification structure assessment consequences ecologic-economic damage direct losses of product

West Siberia and Far East Natural Gas Production Strategy: key provisions

The paper presents a forecast of the natural gas production and processing in the Eastern Siberia and Far East; calculates the development parameters in the oil processing and petrochemical sectors according to the plans and forecasts for oil industry; identifies the gas deliveries routes; assesses the fiscal and commercial effectiveness of investments; and formulates and validates the conditions due to which Russia would entry into new outer markets.

Kontorovich A. E.

Keywords: oil natural gas new producing oil-and-gas centers Eastern Siberia Far East Siberia strategy structure scenarios assessment

Human migration from the Kyrgyz Republic to Russia: socio-economic consequences

The paper considers the contemporary processes of human migration from the Kyrgyz Republic to Russia and the socio-economic consequences for these countries. As for the Kyrgyz Republic, the paper shows the negative and positive social and political consequences of the Russian-speaking people out-migration. The conclusion is that the labor migration, especially that of a titular ethnic group, is considered advantageous for both the Kyrgyz Republic and the Russian regions accepting immigrants for lack of labor resources.

Ergeshbaev U. Zh.

Keywords: labor migration migration processes structure assessment socio-economic consequences Kyrgyz Republic

Integrated assessment of large regional projects

The intersectoral instruments proposed to assess disbenefits of a project being implemented in a region allow analyzing not only the effect of the project on a local economy, as a limited number of contiguous and visible links are taken into consideration, but also its effect on a national economy. To illustrate this, we applied here the natural gas development project for Yamal peninsula. In our opinion, the intensive implementation of this project is required even if the world‘s demand for gas drops.

Malov V. Yu.

Melentiev B. V.

Aleshina O. V.

Keywords: intersectoral interregional models complexity structure assessment assessment natural gas goals efficiency project

Selecting a scenario of industrial development in Sakhalin Oblast

The author proposes an indicator - a coefficient of regional innovation readiness - for using in analysis, and shows how it can be quantified. The paper shows an intimate connection between such coefficient and a labor productivity growth. Having quantified the parameters of industrial development in the Sakhalin Oblast, the author shows that, for the period up to 2025, this region will mainly develop according to an investment scenario. Some economic inertia will also be in effect.

Khoroshavin A. V.

Keywords: Sakhalin Oblast Sakhalin Oblast scenarios industrial policy structure scenarios

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