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Social Networking Service as a Factor for Developing Regional Innovative Systems in Russia

The paper shows that the main component and the basis of an innovative system is an innovative network, i.e. a set of social relations between participants of the innovation process. We analyzed data on the current innovation activities, interaction between participants of the innovation process, support measures for innovation projects in Tomsk Oblast and Krasnodar Krai. We discover that Tomsk Oblast is more active in terms of innovation and its support measures for innovation are more diverse and ambitious. The region now holds a range of venture-capital investors. In Krasnodar Krai the support system is more center-oriented, which results into less structured innovative network

Grasmik K. I.

Keywords: labor incentives innovation innovation innovative system innovative network

Weighing Coefficients and Innovation Potential Ratings in Regions

The paper proposes a system of the indicators and a technique to define regional ratings on the base of such system. An aggregated index of innovation activity for units of the Russian Federation are calculated with consideration for differences in their socio-economic development as well as weighing coefficient (and without them) obtained on the base of a pairwise comparisons matrix. Our analysis shows that consideration for weights does determine the rating of the unit of the Federation among others. However, we can state that the regions having top positions in one rating scale remain of top positions in others.

Frenkel A. A.

Volkova N. N.

Romanyuk E. I.

Keywords: development innovation innovation assessment models methods regions

State research centers and the national innovation system

The paper analyses development capacities of the research centers considered as a key element of the national innovation system. We show the current management problems in such centers and kinds of supports provided by the government. The ways how to reform the operation of such centers to enhance better cooperation of all elements of the innovation system are presented here.

Untura G. A.

Keywords: state research center innovation investments strategy region infrastructure

Capacities and prospects of the innovation development in Siberia

The paper shows a present state of the Siberian scientific, technological and innovation potential which includes a number of scientific achievements of world's significance, a developed system of higher education and scientific personnel training, and an advanced industrial complex including the knowledge-intensive sectors. We identify the key challenges of future development and key problems required to be resolved to build a holistic innovation system in Siberia which could adequately solve such challenges; and propose a scenario of how the existed potential could be targeted on innovation development that allow better competitive advantages of SFD and more favorable conditions of life.

Kravchenko N. A.

Untura G. A.

Keywords: challenges Siberia dynamics innovation education strategy region investments infrastructure innovation Siberia

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