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Anti-recessionary recipes for electric power industry

The paper shows that, because of negative impacts of the crisis and the reform taking place in the electrical energy industry, there is a necessity to transform the governmental policy concerning the management in this industry. One of the ways to such transformation, as we suppose, is to provide governmental support for building the small and autonomous enterprises producing electric power. First and foremost, the transformation should be done at the regional levels.

Chirikhin S. N.

Keywords: electrical energy industry governmental policy investment «hunger» sectoral reform crisis crisis own energy production

Priorities and prospects for power industry development

The paper shows the structural transformations which could take place in power production in East Siberia and the Far East over the period until 2030; an extent of generating capacities; and demand for fuel and investments required for further development of power plants and networks. Our calculations were made within the framework of two development scenarios for this macro-region.

Lagerev A. V.

Khanaeva V. N.

Smirnov K. S.

Keywords: Eastern Siberia Far East anti-crisis programs electrical energy industry East Siberia assessment the Far East

Budget efficiency ofenergydevelopment .

We assess budgetary efficiency of a fuel and energy complex in the East of Russia. And we compare two sources of investments required for development of this complex – from budgets of all levels and taxes paid by the complex to relative budgets.

Korneyev A. G.

Tsapakh A. S.

Bobkov K. A.

Keywords: Far East electrical energy industry coal industry Far East of Russia dynamics economy fuel and energy resources fiscal policy

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