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Identification of Russian Regions from the Point of View of Spatial Heterogeneity

The paper offers the methodical tools for building a set of complex indicators of regional efficiency which reflect the resource, processing, and resulting components of major subsystems of a regional socio-economic system. We present our multidimensional assessment of the spatial heterogeneity observed for the Russian regions in 2000–2010 in the terms of the parameters of regional efficiency, and also a comparative analysis of spatial differentiation. Having analyzed the data concerning the resource-oriented regions in the Russian Arctic, we can state that high values of an economic component in their regional efficiency do not adequately reflect the actual socio-economic results.

Kirillova S. A.

Kantor O. G.

Keywords: region municipal entities industrial policy assessment region spatial differentiation development

Approachers to regional clustering

The paper identifies the features and reasons of regional clustering; it describes the basic approaches to definition of such spatial and economic phenomenon; and it also considers a typology of clusters and the role which an investment cluster could play in synergetic economics.

Shekhovtseva L. S.

Zaplatina V. V.

Keywords: Northern Sea Route region industrial policy clusters competitiveness region development

The state and problems in providing investment support for implementation of the Siberian socio-economic development strategy

The paper analyzes the economic development of Siberia (12 RF subjects which make up the Siberian Federal District) on key indicators included in the Siberian Socio-Economic Development Strategy up to 2020. The authors offer their improvements to be included into federal and regional policies aimed at attracting investments for realization of basic priorities of the Strategy, and proposals on higher investments to be made into Siberia by the Russian central and regional governments, and business-communities.

Psarev V. I.

Psareva T. V.

Tomenko V. P.

Keywords: Siberia industrial policy Siberia dynamics Siberia natural resource development

Hindrances at introducing innovations in the sphere of energy-efficient technologies

The paper analyses the conditions which favour all the stages of an innovation cycle and the reasons why the works on some energy-efficient technology projects have been locked-in. We identified and ranged the economic, financial, scientific and technical, technological, institutional and legal barriers encountered during implementing such innovation cycle.

Chernova G. V.

Churashev V. N.

Keywords: energy-efficient technologies innovation industrial policy stages innovations

Evaluating inequalities in the municipal development

The paper analyzes economic inequalities in the development of municipal units, and compares them with those concerning the subjects of the Russian Federation. We can state that the economic inequalities within the RF subject may be higher by some indicators than those between the RF subjects; and also can state that there are some municipal units observed in different RF subj ects and characterized by equal indicators. This proves the existence of trans-border regions that are economically similar. We also identify the scales of backwardness existing in most regions in comparison with regional capitals and industrial centers, and show their steady character.

Sidelnikov N. V.

Keywords: subject of the Russian Federation municipal unit region industrial policy region structure

Tools to forecast spatial development: practices and open questions

The author offers a set of tools of how the applied multi-sectoral forecasts for regional development, which provide better opportunities to analyze the forecasts of the regional structure of natural and financial indicators, could be substituted for continuous time models. As our calculations show, this allows the application of such tools to most tasks of regional strategic development planning.

Melentiev B. V.

Keywords: forecasts industrial policy economy development economy

Impact of the crisis on innovations in Russia: theory and reality

The paper analyses the innovation processes in Russia, and how the crisis affects them. We conclude that our policy responses to the crisis should imply the governmental support for factors of the innovation processes, which could be considered as one of the ways in practice to control and mitigate the crisis.

Untura G. A.

Keywords: investments innovation crisis knowledge economy region scenarios industrial policy

Selecting a scenario of industrial development in Sakhalin Oblast

The author proposes an indicator - a coefficient of regional innovation readiness - for using in analysis, and shows how it can be quantified. The paper shows an intimate connection between such coefficient and a labor productivity growth. Having quantified the parameters of industrial development in the Sakhalin Oblast, the author shows that, for the period up to 2025, this region will mainly develop according to an investment scenario. Some economic inertia will also be in effect.

Khoroshavin A. V.

Keywords: Sakhalin Oblast Sakhalin Oblast scenarios industrial policy structure scenarios

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