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The role of the energy sector in the socio-economic development of the Baikal region

Having analyzed a current economic situation in the Baikal region, we can state that the region falls behind other Russian regions on average. The development of the regional fuel and energy complex is considered of the highest priority. We present our forecasts of the levels of energy consumption and related volumes of energy production in the region which could allow improving the regional fuel and energy balance and socio-economic indicators. This also allows the higher tax revenues in the region.

Saneev B. G.

Sokolov A. D.

Korneyev A. G.

Muzychuk S. Yu.

Keywords: Baikal region energy sector socio-economic development socio-economic development energy consumption methodology economy fuel and energy resources

Northern regions of Russia: economic dynamics and development problems

The paper describes what regional economic tendencies are observed in the Russian North, and how national crisis processes affect the regional economies. We tried to take into consideration a current necessity of enhancing the innovation factors for the development of both national and regional economies.

Selin V. S.

Keywords: taxes financial-economic crisis regulation dynamics innovation forecast country economy region crisis region economy region economy

How to make municipal budgets more stable

The paper shows the ways to make municipal budgets more stable such as the lower shares of conditional intergovernmental transfers, the greater tax revenues and greater non-tax ones to local budgets, and a new distribution of the spending powers and revenue sources between governments. The analysis of the structure of municipal fiscal revenues is presented too

Zamyatina N. V.

Keywords: Saratov economy budget tax sources spending powers

Budget efficiency ofenergydevelopment .

We assess budgetary efficiency of a fuel and energy complex in the East of Russia. And we compare two sources of investments required for development of this complex – from budgets of all levels and taxes paid by the complex to relative budgets.

Korneyev A. G.

Tsapakh A. S.

Bobkov K. A.

Keywords: Far East electrical energy industry coal industry Far East of Russia dynamics economy fuel and energy resources fiscal policy

Some fragments of the latest trends in regional development

The paper analyses how the regional differentiation of real sectors of the economy and intergovernmental relations changed over the last few years. We consider the links between economic growth and regional differentiation as well as the trends of how regional fiscal equilibrium changes including those changes caused by regional merging processes.

Postnikova Ye. A.

Shiltsin E. A.

Keywords: region economy region economy differentiation intergovernmental relations budget

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