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Labour Productivity Dynamics: Regional Aspects

The paper considers the techniques for measuring and assessing regional labour productivity and its dynamics and differences. It compares the results obtained by applying the different techniques, and can state that the trends identified according to different methods, display a little difference. Only the indicator of a real labour productivity compared to wage shows a higher difference and results in higher ratings of the regions where wages are relatively low. A high share of extractive industries in regions is a key factor of a high labour productivity. The labour productivity and its dynamics show a strong sectoral difference. The growth of a total labour productivity in regions can be explained by the increased efficiencies but not by relocation of production and labour forces to the regions with higher indicators of efficiency

Miheeva N. N.

Keywords: labour productivity development inter-regional inequality regulation regions economic growth wage interregional differentiation

Northern regions of Russia: economic dynamics and development problems

The paper describes what regional economic tendencies are observed in the Russian North, and how national crisis processes affect the regional economies. We tried to take into consideration a current necessity of enhancing the innovation factors for the development of both national and regional economies.

Selin V. S.

Keywords: taxes financial-economic crisis regulation dynamics innovation forecast country economy region crisis region economy region economy

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