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Modernizing the real sector of the economy: spatial aspect

The paper considers the principle tasks, priorities, trends, and sources of modernizing the Russian socio-economic system and its real sector. We show the peculiarities of modernization of the spatial structure of the economy; dynamics and efficiency of some economic activities; and the fact that peculiarities of regional economic systems such as the state and structure of fixed assets, sectoral production structure, and receptivity to innovations are the important factors of the modernization. We also describe the different approaches to regional policy aimed at modernization, and display a necessity to have a balanced regional policy.

Aganbegyan A. G.

Miheeva N. N.

Soboleva S. V.

Fetisov G. G.

Keywords: modernization modernization priorities of the sectoral development financial resources spatial growth state of fixed assets dynamics dynamics and efficiency of different industries regional policy investments interregional differentiation

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