Journal history

In its current form and as an independent periodical, the journal Region: Economics and Sociology has been published since 1993. In fact, the journal has a deeper history. It is a successor of other journals issued by the Siberian Branch of the AS USSR and Siberian Branch of the RAS: Bulletin of Siberian Branch of AS USSR: Social Sciences (1963–1983), Bulletin of Siberian Branch of AS USSR: Economics and Applied Sociology (1984–1989) and Bulletin of the Siberian Branch of the AS USSR/SB RAS. Region: Economics and Sociology (1990–1992).

These journals were being established together with a new scientific center of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR in the east of the country, the Siberian Branch of the AS USSR. New high-level academic institutes were founded that did not only conduct basic and applied research but also spread their findings within the scientific community and mass media. Those were the objectives that were pursued by new scientific journals founded at the premises of one or several leading institutes of the Siberian Branch of the Academy of Sciences.

The Institute of Economics and Industrial Engineering AS USSR (later SB RAS) became the primary founder and publisher of the journals mentioned above. They set forth papers that reflected the scientific findings of the Institute, which considered the journals as its “megaphone for science” on regional and social problems. However, the journal has never been a “pocket-size edition” for the IEIE SB RAS. Its authors are leading Russian and international scientists. Region: Economics and Sociology is truly the all-Russian scientific journal. 

The person who played a key role in creating economic and sociological journals of the Siberian Branch of the AS USSR was T.I. Zaslavskaya, Academician that managed the publishing process until 1984. Over the next ten years, the journal was run by F.M. Borodkin, famous sociologist and Doctor of Economics. Since 1993, Editor-in-Chief of the periodical has been V.Ye. Seliverstov, Doctor of Economics. A significant role in elaborating a strategy and conceptualizing the journal was played by members of the Institute of Economics and Industrial Engineering SB AS USSR/SB RAS: Academicians A.G. Aganbegyan, A.G. Granberg, V.V. Kuleshov; Doctors of Economics R.G. Karagedov, B.P. Orlov, R.V. Ryvkina, R.I. Shniper, and other leading researchers of the Institute.

Considering all the positive experience of its predecessors, the Editorial Board of Region: Economics and Sociology have tried to create and bring to life a new concept of the journal which is aimed at turning this issue into the main Siberian scientific economic journal and a leading Russian journal on regionalism and sociology.