Region: Economics and Sociology is a rare treat in the world of modern social sciences where the name is never in accordance with the content. On the contrary, this journal is indeed a qualified and undoubtedly scientific publication, whose papers manifest the region – economics – sociology triad as a single indissoluble entity. Each article reflects the authors' viewpoints, different in their beliefs, but unified by the Scientific Truth. No wonder Region has a reputation as one of the best journals in Russia.”

A.Yu. Melentiev, Editor-in-Chief of Russian Economic Journal.

Region: Economics and Sociology published by the Institute of Economics and Industrial Engineering SB RAS should be a handbook for regional legislative and executive authorities. It does not only contain interesting articles on the theory and methodology of regional economy, but also papers that reflect the experience and problems of Russian regions related to their systems of regional and municipal strategic planning and management, ‘best practices’ of regional development models.”

O.V. Molchanova, Doctor of Economics, Deputy Prime Minister of Novosibirsk Oblast, Minister for Economic Development of Novosibirsk Oblast

“The journal helps researchers be aware of the findings of regional science and informs of regional reality. Thanks to Region, the readers get acquainted and analyze not only success and failure of some abstract Russia spreading from the Baltic to the Pacific, but also the ones of actual regions where the Russian people live and work, where roads are being built and products are being issued, where their residents lack kindergartens, fresh water and a host of other things.”

Boris Mikhaylovich Grinchel, Doctor of Economics, Professor, Chief Researcher at the Institute for Problems of Regional Economics RAS

“For many years, I have been reading articles from Region: Economics and Sociology. I am attracted to the high scientific level of your publications, the relevance of the research, the origins of the authors, which helps estimate the issues discussed within the global economy. It is an honor to be an author of such a journal.”

Sergey Alekseyevich Lebedev, Associate Professor at the Architecture Department of Karaganda State Technical University, Karaganda, Republic of Kazakhstan

Region: Economics and Sociology features a broad coverage of regional development problems, as well as a profound acknowledgment of the material. There I have often read very useful articles that allowed for a fresh look at a seemingly well-developed and detailed topic. I would like to wish all the success to the dearest Editorial. Thanks to your work, the journal has become, in my opinion, one of the most interesting and original scientific journals in the field of regional economics and sociology.”

Best regards, N.Ye. Terentiev, Candidate of Economics, Senior Researcher at the Institute of Economic Forecasting RAS, Moscow

Region: Economics and Sociology is a recognized publication that explores regional issues. It successfully balances the high academic standard of the papers with their practical significance.  I would especially like to mention how the Editorial always seeks to improve, expanding its audience by promoting a reasonable multidisciplinary approach in territorial development.”

Sincerely yours, A.G. Shelomentsev, Head of the Department for the Study of Regional Socioeconomic Systems at the Institute of Economics, Ural Branch of the RAS

“Over a long many of years, the Institute of Economics of Committee of Science of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan has been subscribed to the All-Russian Scientific Journal of the Siberian Branch of the RAS Region: Economics and Sociology. The journal is a leading economic publication in the Russian Federation. Theoretical and methodological issues discussed in its pages in the articles of the leading scientists in Russia, the CIS and overseas, as well as the results of applied research are widely used in scientific studies when addressing national and regional problems and preparing academic brainpower in research centers and universities of Kazakhstan.”

Professor N.K. Nurlanova, Doctor of Economics, Deputy Director for Science at the Institute of Economics of Committee of Science of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan

“The Federal Agency for Railway Transport expresses gratitude to the journal Region: Economics and Sociology for interesting and high-level publications on railway subjects. We appreciate the attention that the journal gives to the analysis of structural changes in rail transport and carefully consider authors' propositions for the regional development of the railway industry.

We wish you continued success in your future work.”

Best regards, I.V. Mitsuk, Deputy Head of the Federal Agency for Railway Transport

Region: Economics and Sociology is known in our University as an established economic journal. The journal publishes topical articles that tackle problems of the Russian regional economy and regional studies in other countries, which are of great interest to our faculty and postgraduate students, specialists in regional economics.

We offer you to expand scientific cooperation with our University in preparing and publishing joint articles by Russian and Bulgarian experts in regional economics.”

Professor D.Sc. (Econ.) Stanka Tonkova, Director of the Center for Research and Educational Projects at the University of National and World Economy, Sofia, Bulgaria

“Perhaps, it is the only Russian journal whose high scientific level meets the demands of real everyday regional development.”

Olga Anatolievna Karlova, Doctor of Philosophy, Deputy Mayor of Krasnoyarsk, Professor at Siberian Federal University