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Eastern Vector of the Russian Energy Strategy: Current State and Prospects

The paper analyzes what specific features of the Russian development in new economic environment caused a necessity to revise energy priorities. We describe the initial conditions, targets, and strategic development priorities of the fuel and energy industry in the East of the country. We present our proposals on the conditions and initiatives required for successful implementation of the East Russia Energy Strategy and a list of priorities of the cooperation between Russia and the Northeast Asian countries.

Saneev B. G.

Keywords: Eastern Siberia Far East Eastern Siberia Far East eastern energy policy fuel and energy industry international cooperation

The oil-and-gas sector of Eastern Siberia and Russian Far East: perspectives of its development

The paper presents a concept of building new centers of oil, gas, gas-chemical and helium industry in Eastern Siberia and Russian Far East. A hydrocarbon base and the dynamics of the oil and gas produced in by the regions under study and different companies as well are described. We also assessed the parameters of how the processing and transportation infrastructures could develop, and what governmental support and conditions are required to implement such investment projects

Korzhubaev A. G.

Keywords: Eastern Siberia Far East Eastern Siberia Far East of Russia concept oil-and-gas complex prospects

Priorities and prospects for power industry development

The paper shows the structural transformations which could take place in power production in East Siberia and the Far East over the period until 2030; an extent of generating capacities; and demand for fuel and investments required for further development of power plants and networks. Our calculations were made within the framework of two development scenarios for this macro-region.

Lagerev A. V.

Khanaeva V. N.

Smirnov K. S.

Keywords: Eastern Siberia Far East anti-crisis programs electrical energy industry East Siberia assessment the Far East

Directions of coal industry development

The paper describes an economic situation in coal industry of the East of Russia, i.e. the coal production, reserves, supply and consumption as well as the problems, priorities and development goals of this sector. Having formulated a prospective demand for coal, we show how the coal industry could develop in this region over the period till 2030.

Sokolov A. D.

Takaishvili L. N.

Keywords: coal production consumption anti-crisis programs production reserves and resources Eastern Siberia Far East

West Siberia and Far East Natural Gas Production Strategy: key provisions

The paper presents a forecast of the natural gas production and processing in the Eastern Siberia and Far East; calculates the development parameters in the oil processing and petrochemical sectors according to the plans and forecasts for oil industry; identifies the gas deliveries routes; assesses the fiscal and commercial effectiveness of investments; and formulates and validates the conditions due to which Russia would entry into new outer markets.

Kontorovich A. E.

Keywords: oil natural gas new producing oil-and-gas centers Eastern Siberia Far East Siberia strategy structure scenarios assessment

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