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Innovative Approach to Regional and Municipal Governance

This paper deals with the problems of modernization and enhancement of regional socio-economic development governance in the context of elaboration of a new system of public administration and local government. An innovative approach to regional and municipal governance has been offered, the peculiar feature of which being taking into account of the objective conditions and controversies of socio-economic development of a region, the orientation of management at the improving of regional economy competitiveness and the use of new instruments of state regulation, planning and forecasting methods at a regional level. The ways of enhancing of regional and municipal governance on the basis of implementation of innovative management practices have been identified. Based on performance evaluation of regional governance and generalization of its experience, and on the basis of comparative analysis of pre-planning schemes and procedures, diagnostics and forecasting methods, a new system of planning and forecasting documents ensuring the unity and interconnection between regional and municipal levels of administration has been worked out

Novoselov A. S.

Marshalova A. S. marnov@ieie.nsc/ru

Keywords: regional and municipal governance innovation innovation competitiveness governmental regulation controversies of socio-economic development

International Competitiveness in the Field of Innovation

The paper examines the approaches to assessing the competitiveness of a country. It is shown that the competitiveness rankings produced by the World Economic Forum do not correlate with the ones in innovation and R&D. It is concluded that international R&D comparisons based on the GERD/GDP or BERD/GDP alone are not telling enough. These ratios could only be considered as performance indicators in case of equal levels of distribution of R&D expenses. Financial background to sciences and R&D is generally considered as a key factor to competitiveness, but, as the author has demonstrated, the structure of R&D spending also has an important role

Torok A.

Keywords: innovation development competitiveness innovative development competitiveness methods to evaluate competitiveness GERD

Modernization Aspects of Regional Policy in Central and Eastern Europe in the Context of EU Changes

The paper analyzes the experience of structural and cohesion policies pursued by the countries of the Eastern and Central Europe during their membership in the European Union. We can state that the countries – new members of the EU – displayed the increased economic, social, and infrastructural disparities. The paper considers the factors of the lowered effectiveness of regional policies such as the point of institutional equilibrium in regional policy, inevitable transboundery cooperation, and management of development plans as they are important for the purpose of coming planning for 2014–2020. The conclusion is to change factors of regional development means to change regional policies, their goals, tools, and institutions with safeguarding national interests

Horvat D.

Keywords: European Union European Union countries of the Eastern and Central Europe competitiveness regional policy decentralization competitiveness

Small Business in the Regions of the Central Federal District

The paper analyses the building of regional competitive environment in the Central Federal District through development of small business, and proves that small business could promote the building of competitive environment. The paper also analyses the small business operating within the territory of the Central Federal District.

Migunova G. S.

Keywords: Central Federal District small business small business competitiveness innovation infrastructure factors of sustainability

Endogenous Factors of Regional Competitiveness and Their Econometric Testing

Having revised the theoretical and applied models for assessing competitiveness, the paper proposes a regional simulation model of endogenous economic growth where the endogenous factors of competitiveness are modeled on the base of system dynamics. To have a comprehensive assessment of regional competitiveness, we econometrically test the endogenous factors of growth. We present our conclusions which could be recommended to be applied in developing the modernization and innovation policies for the Republic of Uzbekistan

Nazarov Sh. Kh.

Keywords: Uzbekistan region region endogenous economic growth competitiveness econometric modeling

Approachers to regional clustering

The paper identifies the features and reasons of regional clustering; it describes the basic approaches to definition of such spatial and economic phenomenon; and it also considers a typology of clusters and the role which an investment cluster could play in synergetic economics.

Shekhovtseva L. S.

Zaplatina V. V.

Keywords: Northern Sea Route region industrial policy clusters competitiveness region development

Competitive advantages and innovative character of regional economies

The paper develops basic elements of the modeling and methodical support for assessing the competitiveness of regional economies, and presents an econometric model for Kemerovo Oblast which allows identifying the most important factors and their impacts on regional competitiveness. We show that the more innovations are implemented by any RF unit, the higher competitiveness of such unit may be.

Fridman Yu. A.

Rechko G. N.

Limonov A. G.

Keywords: region structure competitiveness economy region assessment competitiveness economy

Industrial policy in Russia: present state and problems

The paper analyses how Russian industrial policy could be improved to ensure the innovation development of the country. We show that a service-resource orientation of the Russian economy originates from lack of the active policy aimed at the priority development of high-tech industries which must be accompanied with the arrangements to build the innovation infrastructure through applying foreign high-tech technologies. The conclusion is that macroeconomic factors significantly define a sectoral structure of the national economy, and due to this fact the industrial policy should be supplemented with flexible measures of building more favorable conditions for the development of a manufacturing sector in Russia.

Gilmundinov V. M.

Keywords: competitiveness resource orientation economy competitiveness industrial policy Sakhalin Oblast

Municipal units and innovation development

The study analyses the development problems of small cities and rural municipalities in the context of transition to the innovation development of economy. Since many of Russian rural municipalities are not yet fully industrialized, the innovations must take place first of all in governance which, in its turn, could stimulate technological modernization of traditional sectors and the development of regional clusters where municipal units may yield the advantages they have and thus have higher competitiveness.

Marshalova A. S. marnov@ieie.nsc/ru

Novoselov A. S.

Keywords: depressed area municipal units peculiarities of regional reproduction processes competitiveness Paretto’s optimum innovation policy

The international competitiveness of R&D

The paper compares the rating methods for analyzing the international positions of Europe and Hungary in R&D competition, and considers the correlation of elements of the national innovation system in Hungary. The author concludes that still there is no satisfactory technique to have reliable comparisons but despite the methodological shortcomings the deteriorated respective positions of the EU and Hungary in the global economic competition, as some indicators show, can be observed within the recent decades. Reasons why this happened and the arguments for current necessity of greater R&D expenses to increase the competitiveness of the EU are presented.

Torok A.

Keywords: European Union R&D scientific and research works competitiveness structure methods innovation

An increment of the market enterprise value as an indicator of efficient realization of innovation potential

The paper shows how the assessment of the innovation potential at an enterprise could contribute to making its perspective strategic plan, effective realization of the strategies, and systematic intercompany coordination of its strategic indicators. An increase of the market enterprise value, which reflects its net present value received over a planned period, can be regarded as a criterion of how effectively the innovation potential was realized to increase the competitiveness of the enterprise.

Titov V. V.

Keywords: innovation potential of the firm efficiency of realization of innovation potential intercompany coordination of indicators firm's market value competitiveness

Competitiveness and development strategies for municipal units

The paper analyzes methodological issues of how to assess the competitiveness of municipal units; considers the issues of designing a strategy of socio-economic municipal unit development, and issues of planning the incomes and expenditures of local budgets; and analyzes scenarios of the socio-economic development in cities

Marshalova A. S. marnov@ieie.nsc/ru

Novoselov A. S.

Keywords: local government municipal unit competitiveness municipal governance municipal unit

Directions in enhancement of decentralized power supply efficiency

We analyze the specifics and problems of decentralized power supply in the eastern regions of Russia, as well as development preconditions and problems of a small energy sector. We also discuss under what conditions a decentralized power supply zone could be enlarged to remain effective; under what conditions the local fuel consumption becomes more effective; and whether more extensive use of low-power nuclear stations would benefit. We offer our recommendations on promoting a small energy sector.

Tuguzova T. F.

Ivanova I. Iu.

Keywords: decentralized consumers depreciation of equipment reduced fuel consumption reconstruction modernization reconstruction modernization efficient variant competitiveness

Analyzing factors of regional competitiveness

We assess some indicators of regional economic activity which can show the competitiveness of a region, and analyze key factors which are of importance for their higher competitiveness and which we consider to be an empirical basis for assessing regional competitiveness. Factors and impetus to higher regional competitiveness are classified. To illustrate our conclusions, we compared some competitive positions of the Novosibirsk Oblast with those for other regions of the Siberian Federal District.

Kolomak Ie. A.

Keywords: competitiveness region region factors geographic location production potential infrastructure human capital

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