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Problems of coordination between macroeconomic and long-term regional solutions

This article systematizes the objectives for the state regulation of regional development. We describe an ideal multiregional system model and analyze the barriers to an efficient regulation of regional development. We formulate approaches to evaluating the impact that a public socio-economic policy has on regional development. Here we propose a concept for coordinating macroeco-nomic and long-term regional solutions following the transfer of defining scenario conditions over the levels of the territorial hierarchy of the economy. We present a framework and structure for the four-level system of hierarchical calculation that assemble the outline of inter-level and horizontal data flows of incoming, defining and estimate indicators. As for the eastern regions of Russia, we provide a roadmap segment for transferring macroeconomic scenario conditions to the federal subject level and some test results

Suspitsyn S. A.

Keywords: state regional policy hierarchical systems scenarios regional forecasts inter-level transfers mathematical models

A regional targeting concept

The author developed a dualistic regional targeting concept which includes the managerial and coalition mechanisms of targeting. We offer an approach and a set of techniques to select the regional development scenarios, build and assess targets, and simulate an economic growth and regional competitiveness.

Shekhovtseva L. S.

Keywords: Eastern Siberia region concept region subject of development strategic targeting scenarios managerial and coalition mechanisms

Assessing social efficiency of rail transport in megalopolis

The paper analyzes how megalopolis uses the trunk and approach lines to provide industrial and intracity communications. A preferable strategy for the development of railway transportation is presented. We show how effective a «trolley car - train» project could be for resolving transportation problems in Novosibirsk.

Yepishkina K. M.

Keywords: rail transport megalopolis railway network general plan structure Siberia scenarios assessment

Impact of the crisis on innovations in Russia: theory and reality

The paper analyses the innovation processes in Russia, and how the crisis affects them. We conclude that our policy responses to the crisis should imply the governmental support for factors of the innovation processes, which could be considered as one of the ways in practice to control and mitigate the crisis.

Untura G. A.

Keywords: investments innovation crisis knowledge economy region scenarios industrial policy

Differences in consequences of the crisis across regions

The paper presents the results of the comparative analysis of the socio-economic situation in Russian federal districts, and calculations of a long-term forecast. The author gives his opinion about the ways of how to improve the forecasting quantitative variables concerning development of the national economy and different regions in order to make such variables more reliable.

Iershov Iu. S.

Keywords: economy scenarios anti-crisis programs region region crisis

Complex development of territories - a major direction of accelerated economy and energy development inRussia's East

The paper considers the issues of prospective socio-economic development in the eastern part of Russia in the context of building energy complexes and a regional resource base in East Siberia and the Far East. We present our assessment of contribution such complexes made to a rapid economic growth in the eastern regions.

Korneyev A. G.

Agafonov G. V.

Malov V. Yu.

Vorobieva V. V.

Keywords: socio-economic development scenarios socio-economic development scenarios energy sector anti-crisis programs incomes resource potential

Strategic variants of social development in Siberia

The paper substantiates the priorities and mechanisms of regional social policy; presents the forecasting socio-economic stratification of Siberian population according different variants of the development in Siberia; evaluates the negative impacts of the financial crisis; and recommends the necessary measures to prevent social collapse.

Kalugina Z. I.

Cherkashina T. Yu.

Keywords: Siberia social development social policy crisis scenarios socio-economic composition of population

West Siberia and Far East Natural Gas Production Strategy: key provisions

The paper presents a forecast of the natural gas production and processing in the Eastern Siberia and Far East; calculates the development parameters in the oil processing and petrochemical sectors according to the plans and forecasts for oil industry; identifies the gas deliveries routes; assesses the fiscal and commercial effectiveness of investments; and formulates and validates the conditions due to which Russia would entry into new outer markets.

Kontorovich A. E.

Keywords: oil natural gas new producing oil-and-gas centers Eastern Siberia Far East Siberia strategy structure scenarios assessment

Selecting a scenario of industrial development in Sakhalin Oblast

The author proposes an indicator - a coefficient of regional innovation readiness - for using in analysis, and shows how it can be quantified. The paper shows an intimate connection between such coefficient and a labor productivity growth. Having quantified the parameters of industrial development in the Sakhalin Oblast, the author shows that, for the period up to 2025, this region will mainly develop according to an investment scenario. Some economic inertia will also be in effect.

Khoroshavin A. V.

Keywords: Sakhalin Oblast Sakhalin Oblast scenarios industrial policy structure scenarios

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