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Current Trends in the Shaping of Self-Developing Regions

The paper describes what place “a self-developed socio-economic system” occupies among the nearest equivalent economic terms. We propose our criteria to identify a self-developed region such as an advanced GRP growth and fiscal self-provision. Our calculations for all subjects of the Russian Federation made on the base of the approach proposed allow, identifying four types of economic development according to such criteria. We also describe the differences between the federal districts and present a classification of the self-developed regions according by types of economic development.

Zakharchuk E. A.

Pasynkov A. F.

Nekrasov A. A.

Keywords: self-development development incomes regions

Assessing the links between economic growth and political institutions in regions

The paper analyzes a process of building an institution of governors for subjects of the Russian Federation, and how the political changes taken place in the 2000-s influenced the GRP growth rates, in particular, when assignment of governors substituted for their election. We also analyze economic consequences of the shifting of regional authorities.

Druzhinin P. V.

Keywords: region economy incomes region party economy

Assessing the share of environmental costs in GRP

The paper proves that natural capital depletion should be taken into account in assessing a level of regional economic development. The problems of correcting GRP are discussed. We present our cost estimates of environmental damage caused by economic activity and experienced by Russia and the regions of the Siberian Federal Region. Our estimates were made on the base of a cost approach

Zabelina L. A.

Klevakina Ye. A.

Keywords: region structure incomes inter-regional inequality region assessment

Methodologies of analyzing inter-regional income inequalities

The paper provides an overview of methodologies applied to analyzing inter-regional income inequalities such as a cross-section approach, a time-series approach, and a distribution dynamics approach. In the paper we present some of them and describe the domains of their applicability.

Gluschenko K. P.

Keywords: financial-economic crisis incomes gross regional product inter-regional inequality economic growth

Income inequality in Russian regions: comparative analysis

This article reviews the domestic and foreign studies which empirically analyze inter-regional income inequality in Russia. The studies are grouped according to the statistical approaches applied in these studies (cross-sectional analysis, time series analysis, and distribution dynamics analysis). The adequacy of the techniques used and data analyzed is discussed. We also consider the issue of relationship between studying inter-regional income inequality and policy implications.

Gluschenko K. P.

Keywords: innovations gross regional product Russian regions inter-regional inequality incomes

Complex development of territories - a major direction of accelerated economy and energy development inRussia's East

The paper considers the issues of prospective socio-economic development in the eastern part of Russia in the context of building energy complexes and a regional resource base in East Siberia and the Far East. We present our assessment of contribution such complexes made to a rapid economic growth in the eastern regions.

Korneyev A. G.

Agafonov G. V.

Malov V. Yu.

Vorobieva V. V.

Keywords: socio-economic development scenarios socio-economic development scenarios energy sector anti-crisis programs incomes resource potential

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