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The Level of Economic Development of a Region: Scientific Basis to the Concept of its Evaluation

The paper analyzes and defines features of economic measurements, the structure and types of economic measuring instruments. We establish that in the economic theory and practice limitation of indicators of economic growth is overcome at transition to measurement of level of economic development. We develop a concept to measure the level of economic development of a region on the basis of subject-functional, systematic, organizational and strategic approaches. The article describes the methodology of how to measure regional development level through an example of an integrated estimation of competitiveness of a region. We discuss possibilities of rating, time and structural analyses

Shekhovtseva L. S.

Keywords: regional development level economic measurements economic growth and development Eastern Siberia redistribution of incomes

The oil-and-gas sector of Eastern Siberia and Russian Far East: perspectives of its development

The paper presents a concept of building new centers of oil, gas, gas-chemical and helium industry in Eastern Siberia and Russian Far East. A hydrocarbon base and the dynamics of the oil and gas produced in by the regions under study and different companies as well are described. We also assessed the parameters of how the processing and transportation infrastructures could develop, and what governmental support and conditions are required to implement such investment projects

Korzhubaev A. G.

Keywords: Eastern Siberia Far East Eastern Siberia Far East of Russia concept oil-and-gas complex prospects

A regional targeting concept

The author developed a dualistic regional targeting concept which includes the managerial and coalition mechanisms of targeting. We offer an approach and a set of techniques to select the regional development scenarios, build and assess targets, and simulate an economic growth and regional competitiveness.

Shekhovtseva L. S.

Keywords: Eastern Siberia region concept region subject of development strategic targeting scenarios managerial and coalition mechanisms

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