• №1 (january-march)

    Strategic planning as a factor of cooperative competitiveness

    Competitive advantages and innovative character of regional economies

    Resourse scarcity of the human development considered as a threat of modernization

    Impact of innovation dynamics on regional development of an economic system

    Structural and institutional context of building an innovation economy

    Innovation potentials in territorial unit: how to diagnose them

    Industrial policy in Russia: present state and problems

    State research centers and the national innovation system

    The development of innovation entrepreneurship in regions

    Problems of introduction of nanotechnologies in Siberian regions

    Hindrances at introducing innovations in the sphere of energy-efficient technologies

    Climate risks in an innovation development strategy

    The creation of a special economic area of an innovation type in Tomsk: assessing present state and prospects for implementation of the Innovation Infrastructure Project

    Municipal units and innovation development

    Problems and mechanisms to promote the innovation entrepreneurship in industries

    Problems and methods of introduction of innovations into management

    Improving innovation management at an industrial enterprise

    The international competitiveness of R&D

    Innovation development: problems of measurement

  • №2 (april-june)

    Disintegration of Russia: isitpossible?

    Key factors of the development of intergovernmental relations


    Spatial structure of the Russian economy: analyzing its dynamics through application of genotyping methods

    Designing a core transport network by the variants calculation method

    Analyzing the Siberian development by applying the Voronoi diagrams

    Population's competence to withstand negative impacts of the crisis: between today and tomorrow

    Mutual assistance networks in regional communities

    Dynamics of the state of population's morality in the Northern-East Federal District

    The Russian rail transport reform: theory, practice and prospects

    The oil-and-gas sector of Eastern Siberia and Russian Far East: perspectives of its development

    Economic impacts of governmental regulation in the forestry

    Assessing the share of environmental costs in GRP

    Current trends of municipal budgeting

    Information and communications technologies: how they are used by municipal authorities in the Altay Krai

    The economic development capacity of urban aboriginal peoples in Canada


    Tourist flows from Primorsky Krai to China

    Methodology and practice of territorial systems studies

    The problems of the frontier and transfrontier territories of Asian Russia

  • №3 (july-september)

    Analyzing the regional strategic planning in the Siberian Federal District

    A regional targeting concept

    Tools of regional policy: assessing the efficiency of their application

    Outsourcing in the agriculture: perspectives of its application

    Building the qualifications frameworks: crystallization of the competence clusters in regional labour markets

    Technique to generate and analyze an integrated wellbeing index to conduct interregional comparisons

    Siberian urban agglomerations: preconditions to their shaping and barriers to their development

    The monitoring of regional socio-economic development: methodical approaches to assessment of its efficiency

    About intensification of economic cooperation between Transbaikalia regions

    The role of the energy sector in the socio-economic development of the Baikal region

    Transformed population crediting in the Siberian Federal District

    Improved tools of environmental policy and problems of their application

    Socio-economic development in the Krasnoyarsk Krai: post-crisis trends

    Transformed public business administration in mono-business municipal units

    Partner relations as a factor of development at an innovation holding

    Regional Innovation System in West Transdanubia

    The role of governments in building innovation clusters

    Russian Census of 2010: preliminary results for the Siberian Federal District

    Some aspects of economic use of Baikal Lake and Baikal area

  • №4 (october-december)

    Northern regions of Russia: economic dynamics and development problems

    Modern Russian federalism: political and fiscal problems

    Evolution of the sectoral structure of urban economy

    Assessing how urbanization influence an economic growth in Russia

    Institutional mechanisms of innovation development in the Russian regions

    Collective attitudes and a system of determinants for human self-protecting behavior of the Russian population

    Risks of the Siberian demographic potential

    Conflict-generating factors of marriage behavior inYakutiya

    Subjectness of the technical and engineering employees at modern enterprises: limits and resources

    Issues of public-private partnership in Northern strategic projects

    Assessing the efficiency of replacement of gas by coal in energy balance

    Developing mineral and raw material resources in the North: energy supply variants

    Assessing efficiency of the development of the Elginsky Field

    Ecologization of financial indicators when applying the best technologies available

    An increment of the market enterprise value as an indicator of efficient realization of innovation potential

    Investing serial sea shipbuilding

    The development of the Siberian regions in the context of a genetic scenario

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