• №1 (january-march)

    Regional policy addressing social, economic and legal asymmetry: draft conception

    Principles and methodological schemes of building investment transfers of state support of regional development

    The 1995 scheme of federal super-regions in Russia

    North-Mui tunnel: review of alternative options in operation automation

    Federal Bill "Federal Support of Indigent Depressive and Lagging Areas of the Russian Federation": draft

    Tightness of labour market in Russia: specific features of regional variation.

    Changes in the living conditions and everyday activities of the rural population in the 1990s

    Opportunities for sustainable economic growth in the Irkutsk region.

    Regional administrations and firms: forms of negotiating opportunities

    Methodical approach to appraisal of investment attractiveness of cities and districts of the Krasnoyarsk region.

    Transport corridors and formation of a new economic Euro-Asian belt within Russia

  • №2 (april-june)

    The effect of macro economic parameters on regional economy

    Changing the tariffs on electric power: possible consequences for regional economy

    Financial competency of the Russian Federation subject

    A new configuration of Russian strategic interests in the Arctic region

    Tax burden on economic entity

    Consumer prices in Russia in 1992-2000: spatial aspect

    A new model of social policy in the Republic of Kazakhstan: the case of the Karaganda region

    Regional power systems: prospects

    Company restructuring in Russia: substance and prospects

    Vertical integrated structures in Russian industry

    Market of securities in the Far Eastern region

    Estimation of regional investment risk: the case of the Smolensk region

    General characteristic of the financial and economic situation: city of Novy Urengoi

    Increased role of state in the management of Siberia and the Far East

    Strategic normative orientations in the development of Siberia in XXI century

    The development of Siberia in XXI century

  • №3 (july-september)

    Regional programming and spatial differences: limitations and opportunities

    A conception of budgetary management in a region

    The economy of Russia's eastern enclave: stance and prospects

    Evolution in center/region relations in Russia

    Economic losses caused by administrative barriers to enterprise activity

    Institutional framework and social base of rural new enterprise formation

    Immediate priorities of interregional policy

    The role of energy resources of eastern regions in the solution of national economic problems

    The role of Siberian energy resources in the national fuel and energy complex

    Fuel and energy complex of Eastern Siberia and the Far East: prerequisites and external conditions

    Territorial energy-production complexes as a prospective form of spatial organization of regional industrial forces

    Region as a new element of regional policy in Hungary

    A new handbook on regional economics (A.S. Novosiolov)

  • №4 (october-december)

    Principles for building an organisational structure of management in the Siberian federal district: An attempt at expert evaluation

    Beta-analysis of an hierarchy of social-economic units

    Analysis and forecast of social-economic development by use of Markov models: Interregional aspect

    Economic grounds for fiscal federalism

    Scientific basis for strategy of the social-economic development of Siberia

    Life longevity of Siberian regions' population in 1989-1999: Basic trends

    Competitiveness of regions connected with the military sector

    Assessments of economic performance of the Irkutsk oblast

    Credit cooperation as a source of investments (Rozanova, L.I.)

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