• №1 (january-march)

    Mergers and acquisitions: assessing economic efficiency

    Factors of reproductive activity of population: analysis of regional differentiation

    Cooperation between frontier regions of Russia and Mongolia

    Siberian economy structure as mirrored by tax statistics

    Promissory investments for better knowledge economy

    Conceptual models for strategic forecasting and indicative planning of the regional development

    Population of the third age: present socio-economic situation (a case-study for Novosibirsk)

    Oil-and-gas transportation systems in Russia: potential for its development

    Energy sector growth

    Climate changes in the North of Russia: risks and threats

    Socio-economic development in municipal units: issues of governance

    Assessing the ratings of consumer’s cooperation institutions

    Private-public partnership in agriculture: the regional pilot project

    Fiscal federalism in Germany: topical trends of how it develops

    Risks and capital costs: how JEREMIE fund initiative helps to create SME capital

    Federalism and regional policy in modern Russia

    The development of Siberia and the Far East in Russia as a priority task

    Baikal region: problems and prospects

    Rapid assessment of probable impact of the financial crisis on the long-term development in the Novosibirsk Oblast

  • №2 (april-june)

    Informational socio-economic monitoring system for a region

    Strategic variants of social development in Siberia

    Strategic aims of the long-term development in Siberia

    Priorities and key orientations of Siberian demographic policy

    Equalization of fiscal capacities of municipalities: current problems

    Two-sector model of the development in natural resource regions

    West Siberia and Far East Natural Gas Production Strategy: key provisions

    Assessing energy demand elasticity of major industrial producers in Russia

    Expecting climate changes in the Arctic: socio-economic consequences

    Anti-recessionary measures of municipalities

    Human migration from the Kyrgyz Republic to Russia: socio-economic consequences

    Conceptual base of the Program on “Fundamental Issues of Spatial Development: Interdisciplinary Aspect” issued by the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Sciences

    Assessing sustainable transformations in socio-economic space

    Shaping an integrated transportation space in Russia in the context of economic development in Russian eastern regions

    Mechanisms to stimulate innovations in the Siberian mesoeconomic systems

    Siberian socio-economic development and the system of global and Russian economic relations

    Spatial structure of Russian economy and inter-regional and inter-sectoral relations: analysis and forecast

    Shaping a multilevel system of strategic planning: methodology, tools and institutions

    About an integrated approach to issues of how to secure the public safety in the northern regions of the Russian Federation

    2008: some economic results

    Mortgage: results and prospects

    Siberian Federal District: shifting development trajectory

    Financial and economic crisis: attempting to assess its influence on the regional development

  • №3 (july-september)

    Analyzing factors of regional competitiveness

    Innovation mesa-economic systems: institutional specifics, cluster models, and development

    Towards methodology of the research and regulation of spatial development

    Comparative assessment of post-crisis restart of regional economic growth (perspectives for the near future)

    Some fragments of the latest trends in regional development

    Russian federalism: regional policy of supporting municipal units

    Integrated assessment of large regional projects

    Regulating the foreign economic activity in Sakhalin Oblast

    Vocational education in the innovation development context: labour market’s demand

    Labour resources in the innovation and traditional sectors of regional economy

    Russian railway system development strategy: South-East vector

    Cargo traffic in Khabarovsk Kray: trends in its forming and servicing

    Transportation-and-logistics centers projects: assessing their expecting efficiency

    Solving the problem of oil-dissolved gas utilization: interests and role of oil-producing sectors

    Fiscal and tax management of small and medium business under the crisis in Kazakhstan

    Tools for managing regional enterprise efficiency

    Understanding aboriginal educational outcomes: the role of social capital

    Integrated projects for the Ural, Siberian and Far East Branches of the Russian Academy of Sciences considering as the ways of research cooperation on spatial development patterns

  • №4 (october-december)

    Economic development strategy for macroregion: approaches, structure and models

    Sustainable spatial transformations in Russia: measurement concept and methodology

    Selecting a scenario of industrial development in Sakhalin Oblast

    World crisis and Russian spatial socio-economic development strategy

    Assessing socio-economic development in a constituent entity of the Russian Federation under new conditions

    Inequalities in spatial development of regional centers and regional periphery

    Siberian regions in foreign markets of food and agricultural raw material

    Natural resource development projects implemented in the Yamal-Nenetz Autonomous Okrug: export risks

    Demographic situation in the Privolzhsky Federal District

    Structural features of modern sectoral markets in Russia

    Capacities and prospects of the innovation development in Siberia

    Information analysis systems and regional e-government

    Improving the applied future energy consumption techniques

    Institutional features of building e-government at the municipal level

    Two-level enterprise management system in the context of network-economy

    Inequalities in Eastern and Central European research area

    Financial anti-crisis measures in Heilongjiang Province

    Diversified oil policy in the Republic of Kazakhstan

    North and South: human dimension of global cooperation

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