• №1 (january-march)

    Traditional centralism or new regionalism: approaches to the regional development policy

    Measurement and analysis of the threshold indicator values for regional clusters

    Subfederal administrative regulation: theory and Russian practice

    Regional market structure: reproduction aspect

    Spatial and regional economics: unresolved problems

    Modeling spatial development of national and world economies: evolution in approaches

    Siberia as a Russian colony

    Institutional and economic issues of forming oil-and-gas cluster in Western Siberia

    Knowledge-based economy as a key element of a new regional economy

    Architectonics of adaptive mechanisms in social systems: sociological discourse

    Deprivation in rural communities in the context of failing agricultural enterprises

    Social consequences of the city-forming-sector liquidation for local industrial communities

    The development of new oil-and-gas centers in Eastern Russia and the oriented east export of oil, gas and oil products: forecasts

    Social and economic development in the Irkutsk Oblast in the context of ecological restrictions

    Optimizing the planning of an enterprise: the assessment of its effectiveness

    Transformation of enterprises into firms: problems

    Survey of history of the programming documents and studies concerning the Siberia and its regions development

    Survey of Northern economic studies: from planning economy to market one

    Energy Concept for Eastern Russia: scientific and practical approaches to its implementation

    Controlling: its development in the Republic of Kazakhstan

  • №2 (april-june)

    Economic assessment of knowledge-based projects

    Regional high-tech clusters: managing the effectiveness

    Agglomerative and network-based structure of the populated localities: new opportunities in Southern Siberia

    Exotic hedging options in the foreign economic activity: comparative analysis

    Tax climate and the economy of the Siberian Federal District

    Balance between economic and fiscal situation in Russian regions

    Imitation modelling approaches to the assessment of foreign exchange risks

    Assessing demand for Russian wood on Asian-Pacific markets: methodical approaches

    Local community: socio-territorial structure and real boundaries

    Social nets in local community

    Issues of shaping demand for social services

    Reproductive human potential in the Vologodskaya Oblast

    Personal relations on labor market and individual’s strategies of employment

    Modernizing management in oil-ad-gas complex in the Chechen Republic

    Regional insurance companies: assessing their investment potential

    Novosibirsk City’s innovation system: features and further development

    New ecologically clean energy technologies: assessing their effectiveness

    Development strategies of the innovation companies

    Sustainable development in local communities: regulating institutional conditions

    Analysis of Novosibirsk City’s budget

    Influence of socio-economic factors on individual’s electoral behavior

    Integral approaches in the organization theory

    Regional economies in 2006 and their development prospect

  • №3 (july-september)

    Preplanning studies in regions: the experience of the Novosibirsk Oblast

    Assessing regional large-scale transportation projects: a factor of indeterminacy

    The transportation and logistic cluster in the Novosibirsk Oblast: model of its shaping and efficiency assessment

    Competitiveness of municipalities as a ground of spatial policy in regions

    Immigrants in the Novosibirsk Oblast labor market: analysis of the expert polling

    Milestones in the socio-economic development of the Novosibirsk Oblast over 70 years

    Fiscal policy in 2008-2010: improving intergovernmental relations

    Natural gas policy in Russia and national interests

    The Kovyktinsk gas condensate field: problems and perspectives

    New trends in the socio-economic development of consumer’s cooperative societies

    Economic sociology: evolution and prospects

    An integration process in education and subfederal potentialities

    A housing sector in regional economy: assessing its role

    Social partnership and professional education in the Tverskaya Oblast

    Assessing efficiency of a regional investment policy: methodological and operational approaches

    Investment climate and investment behavior in the Siberian Federal District

    Energy saving in Russian heat economy: problems and prospects

    Final use of energy in the Siberian Federal District

    Methodology for analysis of a civil ship market

    Incentives and contradictions in municipal reforms

    Institutional measures in the implementation of regional development strategies: analysis of world experience

    Social model of the European Union

    Composite indices for RF regions in 2001-2009

  • №4 (october-december)

    New techniques for measuring spatial transformation of economy

    Far East Federal District: building the strategy for higher competitiveness of seaside regions

    Regional programs and strategies: Far East

    Oil-and-gas complex of the Eastern Siberia: regional economic effects and risks

    Food markets in Russia: dynamics of their integration

    Transportation complex of the Asian part of Russia: assessing its role in the country’s economy

    Development trajectory of Russia in the context of general theory of institutional shifts

    Human capital: assessing its impact on incomes of the population in Russian regions

    Analysis of the development of power sector in the context of national economic interrelations: application of intersectional and interregional models of optimization

    Regional clusters and regional production complexes as forms of regional structure of industry

    Eastern Oil Superproject: problems and solutions

    Models of positive structural shifts in a regional tourist industry

    Production administration: logistic approach

    Corporate social responsibility as an institution of public-private partnership and efficient regional economic and social policy

    Agricultural policy in Great Britain

    Socio-economic development strategy for Siberia: urgent aspects

    Siberian innovative forum: discussing problems and trends of Siberian region innovative development

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