• №1 (january-march)

    Effectiveness of regional and local authorities: purposes and possibilities of the correct assessment

    Building organizational and economic mechanisms of the accelerated socio-economic development in Siberia

    Building a new system of regional governance: methodological issues

    Strategic support for regions: problems in assessing a status of an innovation territory

    Crisis management at the sub-federal level in the Siberian Federal District

    Assessing the links between economic growth and political institutions in regions

    Improving taxation of sole proprietors and measures against tax evasion

    Structural and dynamic features of the Siberian tax resources

    Regional birthrate policy: problems and perspectives

    Aging population: problems and tendencies

    Electronic waiting lists in customer service systems

    Dynamics of the innovation activity in the Russian regions

    Assessing effectiveness of regional executive authorities: the analysis of the Russian legislation performance evaluation of authorities

    Practices and problems ofproviding federal and municipal services inthe regions ofthe SiberianFederal District

    The administrative reform: sub-federal problems and governance improvements

    Municipal strategic planning: reliability and failures factors

    Regional appreciations: technique andempiricalmeasurements

  • №2 (april-june)

    Social mechanism to involve the young people in innovations

    Exogenous and endogenous determination of mortality in the Siberian Federal District

    Agrarian aspect of the socio-economic development in Siberia

    Inverted rural employment: practices and policy

    Siberian school of regional studies within the framework of the program on Fundamental Issues of Spatial Development: Interdisciplinary Synthesis launched by the Presidium of the SB RAS

    A new program of basic researches on the Russian spatial development

    Issues of the education reform: teachers' assessments

    Tools of a monetary policy and regional investments

    Building perspective cargo traffic in the North-East of Russia

    Assessing efficiency of large transportation projects

    A fuzzy-set analysis of regional transportation projects

    Development alternatives for the Kuznetsk Coal Basin

    Interregional zoning for the areas of man-induced transformations

    Cities agglomeration as a unit of governance

    Fiscal mechanism to regulate municipal socio-economic development

    Intercompany partnership and innovation activity of companies

    For the anniversary of the scientist and mentor professor B.P. Orlov

  • №3 (july-september)

    Regional policies at the federal and sub-federal levels: assessing their effectiveness

    Federal districts on the Russian migration map

    Social portrait of Siberian regions

    Integrated assessment of regional provision with infrastructure

    Accelerated socio-economic development in the Russian regions: factors and mechanisms

    Issues of retention of labor forces in the Northern Russia

    Regional opportunities in regulating a reproductive people's behavior

    Approachers to regional clustering

    The state and problems in providing investment support for implementation of the Siberian socio-economic development strategy

    Electric power prices and Russian power industry reforms

    Strategic planning of intersectoral resource megaprojects: technologic-organizing aspects

    Multipurpose utilization of natural gas in the Baikal Region: backgrounds, vectors, and implementation conditions

    Regional disparities in Russia: ecological aspect

    On the issue of water resources export from Siberia

    Small business in the new economy

  • №4 (october-december)

    Assessing a scope of modernization in the units of the Russian Federation

    Spatial structure of information society as a subject of system analysis and an object of governmental regulation

    Economic modernization of Siberia

    Modernizing the real sector of the economy: spatial aspect

    Assessing efficiency of the land and local (municipal) authorities in Germany

    Socio-economic potential of multiple patterns of life in rural areas (a case-study for the Belgorod Oblast)

    Variable-based calculation of the people's life expectancies in the Vologda Oblast

    On the issue of measuring an innovation factor: regional aspect

    Foreign investments into Russian knowledge economy: national and regional aspects

    Problems in development of the mineral resources base in the eastern part of Russia and perspectives of modernizing the regional economy in the context of its cooperation with China

    Economic potential of the Novosibirsk Oblast mineral resources complex

    An approach to assessing efficiency of strategic planning at the municipal level

    Ecologization of production in the light of innovation development

    World cooperation in the shipbuilding industry and navigation in the Russian Far East

    What motivates the researchers employed by the institutes of the SB RAS to participate in competitive tendering carried out by the Russian Humanitarian Science Foundation

    In memory of Prof. R.I. Shnipper, a known regionalist and a fine man

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