• №1 (january-march)

    A comprehensive assessment of Sakhalin bonds with Russia vs. the rest of the world

    Region as a centre of nascent competitive advantage

    A comparative assessment of living standards in Siberia: counter estimations

    Formation of competition environment in the Russian oil sector: regional aspects

    Interregional economic relations in the years of reforms: status quo and prospects

    The problem of choice out of forest policy alternatives

    Financial-industrial integration as a factor spurring capital investment in the real sector of the economy.

    Oil and gas industry development in the east of Russia

    Comparative efficiency of long-distance transportation of national gas and coal

    Integration of power generation of Russia's eastern regions in the space of North-Eastern Asian countries

    The role of renewable sources of energy and of energy supply to the eastern regions of the country.

    Institutional prerequisites for support of the problem areas of the Republic of Kazakhstan

    A cluster approach to food industry management formation in the Republic of Kazakhstan

    Energy-saving in the Novosibirsk region: potential and reality

  • №2 (april-june)

    Integration of economic policy in the context of globalisation and regionalisation

    The Kaliningrad region: federal and regional aspects of development

    Prospects of economic growth for the Magadan region

    Approaches to the evaluation of priorities in regional investment policy

    Households incomes and development of social facilities in the "The Far East and Trans-Baikal Area" program

    Consequences of Russian economy fragmentation

    The diagnosis of the economic security of basic services in the Arctic zone of the Republic of Sakha (Iakutia)

    Management of forest complex at the regional level.

    Problems of classified cities

    Main tendencies in the regional development of the Republic of Belarus

    Russia in the globalised world: new requirements to development strategy

    The best economists of the Russian Academy of Sciences (A.A.Kin)

  • №3 (july-september)

    The development strategy for the Far East and Trans-Baikal areas out to 2010

    The Chita region: the potential of economic development

    Transformation of federalism and regional policy at the turn of the centrury

    The social-economic characteristics of the Irkutsk students

    The effect of direct foreign investments on Siberian foreign trade

    Econometric analysis of the degree of integration of the national market

    Banking activity in the regions

    Energy strategy the Russian: vested…interests of the resource territories

    The role of mechanical engineering in the industrial policy of the Tomsk region

    The Baikal economic forum: the strategy of integration between the Russian eastern region with the APN countries

    Globalisation of the world process: the conflict-network paradigm

  • №4 (october-december)

    Market innovative climate in a region

    Economic development of the Russian part of the Euro-Arctic region

    The effect of coal enterprises of Siberia and the Far East on the environment

    Russia's accession in the World Trade Organisation: economic consequences for regions

    Sakhalin: organisational-economic mechanism of management

    Development strategy for Siberia: comparison of variants and lines of further research

    The social situation of the Krasnoyarsk region

    Possible effective mechanism of taxation in a region

    Regional forecasting: prices and outputs

    Oil producing regions under changes in the taxation system

    The chemical complex of the Irkutsk region in the years of reforms

    The strategy of economic development of the Irkutsk region in the beginning of XXI century

    A new stage in the cooperation between the northern regions of Canada and of the Siberian Federal District

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