• №1 (january-march)

    The Potential for the Development of Financial Market Institutions in Russia’s Federal Districts As the Basis for the Functioning of Regional Financial Centers

    Assessing the Spatial Development of the Russian Electronics Industry

    Population Migration for the Development of the Russian Arctic: Features and Opportunities

    Human Capital in Arkhangelsk Oblast: Its Essence and Calculation

    Human Capital As a Concept for the Socio-Economic Development Strategy of the Republic of Tatarstan

    Modeling the Optimization of a School Network Amid Rural Depopulation (Case Study of Elabuzh District, the Republic of Tatarstan)

    Agro-Industrial Regions in a Context of the Russian Territorial and Sectoral Structure Development: Changes in the Composition and in Socio-Economic Characteristics

    Comparative Analysis of the Large Cities’ Budgets

    Positions of Large and Big Cities in Spatial Transformations of Regions of Russia: Case of the Urals

    Efficiency and Equality: Twenty Years of Discussion on Spatial Development

  • №2 (april - june)

    Revenue of Russian Sub-Federal Budgets Under the Pandemic: a Spatial Reversal

    Spatial Structure of the Economy Transforming During and After Crises

    Heterogeneity in the Spatial Development of Asian Russia: What Inter-Regional Inequality Indicators Are Silent About

    Methodological Basis for the Development of a Regional Innovation Subsystem Based on Process-Resource Approach

    Changes in Citizens’ Transportation Behavior During COVID-19 Pandemic (the Case of St. Petersburg and Beijing)

    Railways of European and Asian Russia: Organizational Design as a Strategic Element

    Current Problems of Agriculture in Tuva: Production, Investment, and Innovative Aspects

    Green Clusters as a Tool for Greening Tourism

    Sino-Russian Trade and Economic Cooperation: Problems and Prospects

    The Contradictory Effects of Heterogeneous Market Potential on Russian Urban Development

    Regional and Municipal Governance in the Growing Digital Economy and Information Society

  • №3 (july - september)

    Macrostructural and Spatial Disparities in the Economy of Russia and its Eastern Regions and Ways to Reduce Them

    Regional Development Institutions: Do They Need a Hard Reset?

    Population, Monetary Income and National Security of the Russian Federation and Its Regions 61 in Pandemic Conditions

    Household Income and Consumption in the Regions in Pandemic Conditions

    Accessibility of Tourism and Recreation for People in Russia: the Economic Aspect

    High-Tech Business and the Economic Complexity of Russian Regions

    Spatial Differentiation of Migration Factors in the Arctic Region (Case Study of the Karelian Arctic)

    Scientific Center’s Public Perception of the New Science and Technology Infrastructure Facilities

    Issues of Preserving and Growing Human Capital in Agriculture (Case Study of Some Siberian Regions)

    Labor Markets in Resource-Type Regions: Shocks of 2020

    Environmental Information: Its Availability and Transparency for Analyzing Regional Environment

  • №4 (october - december)

    Financial and Insurance Activities As a Prospective Economic Specialization for a Constituent Entity of the Russian Federation

    The Knowledge Economy and Digitalization: Assessing Their Impact on Economic Growth of Russian Regions

    Assessing Self-Sufficiency in Basic Foodstuffs for Municipalities of Kaliningrad Oblast

    Modeling the Impact of Social Infrastructure on Fertility in Russian Regions

    The Impact of Schoolchildren’s Educational Choices on the Quality of the Human Capital in the Region

    Admission Tracks to Master’s Programs (Case of Southern Federal University)

    Strategy Decay: Definition and Evaluation Methods

    Prospects for Interregional Trade Relations Between Belarus, Russia, and China in the Context of Regional Integration

    The Concept of Transforming the Social and Economic System in Kuzbass Under the Decarbonization Policy

    Single-Industry Towns in Siberia and the Far East: a New Approach to Public Policy Making

    Studies of the Siberian Scientific School of Regional and Municipal Management (Dedicated to the 100th Birthday of R.I. Shniper)

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