• №1 (january-march)

    The formation of the technological basis of region’s economy

    Spatial transformations of Russia’s economy in extreme scenarios of its development: the problem and empirical estimations

    Regional policy under unitary federalism

    Institutional framework in the use of mineral resources in Russia: results and consequences

    Siberia in geopolitical theories: blessing, burden, evil for Russia

    Strategic projects of the development of the key economic complexes of Siberia

    Forms of the foreign trade activity used by enterprises of the Siberian Federal District

    The youth behavioral patterns in the sphere of education and in the labor market: mechanisms and factors of formation

    The formation of regions’ competitive advantages

    The measurement of the efficiency of cluster’s information technologies

    The main stages in the development of a regional advertisement market

    Oil and gas complex of Kazakhstan: Status quo and prospects of development

    Issues in the development of Tofalaria – an area of the traditional management of nature

    The economics of crime: the new perspectives

    A tariff pause of natural monopolies

    Summary indexes for the RF regions across federal districts, 2005.

  • №2 (april-june)

    A concept of the Siberian foreign economic activity

    The model of concession agreement in oil pipeline transport: verification of economic efficiency

    The situational analysis of economy diversification in the oil-and-gas resource region

    Recent tendencies in the sphere of intergovernmental budgetary relations

    Interregional financial balance: expanded opportunities of economic forecasts

    Federalism and Russia’s economic development

    The estimation of balanced transport tariffs in coal exports

    Immigrant flows in the Siberian Federal District: quantitative and qualitative assessments

    A study of the deviant behavior among the inhabitants of the Vologda oblast

    The integral estimation of the innovation potential of Russia’s regions

    Variants of the master area route Eastern Siberia – Pacific ocean oil pipeline: geological environmental assessment

    Altai crossborder biosphere territory: ideas of preservation and development

    The effect of the tax system on investment opportunities and the efficiency of enterprises

    Directions in better management of clothing industry

    Model legislation in the field of local governance in the Russian Federation

    The economic and social meaning of the housing reform

    Indigenous Siberian people: are they pariah of Century XXI?

    Pussia's regions on the way to doubling of economic potential Some results of the regional development in Russia in 2005

  • №3 (july-september)

    Region as a basic term of regional reproduction theory

    Problems of the youth employment in provincial regions

    Federal conditional programs of regional development: problems and prospects

    Regional development and quality of economic growth

    Strategic objectives and potential for the Novosibirsk Oblast development

    Classification of reserves and resources of the hydrocarbon material

    “Hard luck story” of abandoned villages (sociological study)

    Subjective quality of life: integrated and particular indicators

    Child and juvenile neglect in the Vologda Oblast

    The financing of innovation projects through credit banks

    Hydropower industry development in the Siberian Federal District: priorities and limitations

    Vertically integrated structures in agriculture regarded as a way to overcome the crisis phenomena

    Problems of tariff policy in municipal units

    Technique for distribution of regional financial support funds among municipal units in Yakutia

    Autonomies in Northern Canada and Russia: a comparative analysis

    Coordination of corporate, federal and regional interests in selecting a rout of Eastern pipe-lines

    Socio-economic development of the oil-and-gas producing regions in Siberia: analysis, modeling and management

  • №4 (october-december)

    Image as a Competitive Regional Resource

    Socio-Economic Issues of Agrarian Regions

    Russian Federal Districts: Peculiarities of Economic and Social Development

    Macroeconomic Estimations in Siberian Development Strategy

    Regional Policy in Russia: Choosing a New Model

    Economic Growth in the Far East: Favorable Conditions and Constrains

    Novosibirsk Oblast Development Strategy: Extreme Scenarios within Socio-Economic Development Strategy

    The Agroindustrial Complex in Novosibirsk Oblast: Resources and Scenarios of Its Development

    Social Functions of Confidence

    Outlining the Future of Rural Community in Siberia

    Changes in Siberian Fuel Balance: Ecological and Economic Consequences

    Building a Regional Business Community: Institutional Problems

    Fixed Capital Investments: Siberian Federal District and Russia

    Adequate Resources Provision of the Eastern Siberia-Pacific Ocean Pipeline

    Completing the Amur-Yakytia Trunk-Railway Project: Economic Efficiency

    Perspectives in Power Provision of Siberian Federal District

    Developing Regional Policy on Fuel Market: Dry Gas Fuel instead of Gasoline

    Socio-Economic Development in Northern Russia in New Economic and Political Context

    Traditional Aboriginal Economies in Market Economy: Russian Realities and World’s Experience

    Opportunities for Sustainable Development in Depressed Northern Regions

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