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The development of the Siberian regions in the context of a genetic scenario

The paper describes the methodology and techniques of the socio-economic development forecasts for Siberia and its regions by applying a genetic approach. We present our assessments of what spatial transformations could take place in the Siberian Federal District under conditions of a regional self-development scenario.

Suspitsyn S. A.

Keywords: Siberia regional economy development scenarios Siberia forecasts стратегии spatial transformations

Tools to forecast spatial development: practices and open questions

The author offers a set of tools of how the applied multi-sectoral forecasts for regional development, which provide better opportunities to analyze the forecasts of the regional structure of natural and financial indicators, could be substituted for continuous time models. As our calculations show, this allows the application of such tools to most tasks of regional strategic development planning.

Melentiev B. V.

Keywords: forecasts industrial policy economy development economy

Prices of energy resources of Eastern regions: current state and changes in the context of the Russian and world trends

The authors present their forecast of changing market prices for energy carriers, which could be observed in the regions of Siberia and the Far East, assuming the economic situation on the world’s oil markets and the prices covering self-repayment of gas, coal and black oil production.

Kononov Iu. D.

Kononov Yu. D.

Keywords: Siberia Far East Siberia Far East prices energy markets forecasts trends

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