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Strategic support for regions: problems in assessing a status of an innovation territory

The paper analyzes the qualitative and quantitative methods for assessing the regional innovation activity, and criteria and procedures for selecting RF regions to be governmentally supported. We present the results of our testing made according to different rating techniques, and present our proposals how to improve the methodical approaches to and statistical data on evaluation of innovation statuses of regions.

Untura G. A.

Keywords: region innovation Paretto’s optimum region region innovation cluster authorities education financial resources

Municipal units and innovation development

The study analyses the development problems of small cities and rural municipalities in the context of transition to the innovation development of economy. Since many of Russian rural municipalities are not yet fully industrialized, the innovations must take place first of all in governance which, in its turn, could stimulate technological modernization of traditional sectors and the development of regional clusters where municipal units may yield the advantages they have and thus have higher competitiveness.

Marshalova A. S. marnov@ieie.nsc/ru

Novoselov A. S. asnov@ieie.nscr

Keywords: depressed area municipal units peculiarities of regional reproduction processes competitiveness Paretto’s optimum innovation policy

Building agglomerations in the agrarian-industrial complex

The paper analyzes the socio-economic development in the agrarian regions of the Russian Federation. To initiate the raralization processes is considered advisable to overcome the negative social and demographic impacts. The paper identifies the basic social groups, which could be involved in such processes, and the starting conditions under which the said process could be initiated; and suggests a production agglomeration to be used as a form of agricultural production. The author shows the conditions which limit the development of agglomerations at present.

Farkov A. G.

Keywords: agrarian regions production agglomeration Paretto’s optimum production potential cluster infrastructure

Transportation-and-logistics centers projects: assessing their expecting efficiency

We consider the problem of how to select an investment project according to a two-criterion technique and illustrate this issue by the transportation-and- logistic center project for the Novosibirsk Oblast. We also analyze how regular the investments are made and show the minimal discounted costs and an algorithm and the mechanism to select Paretto’s optimal investments.

Pyataev M. V.

Keywords: transportation-and- logistic center Paretto’s optimum regularity multicriteria равномерность освоения инвестиций многокритериальный

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