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How the Quality of Urban Environment and Level of Higher Education Impact on University Enrollees’ Choice

The paper presents a list of the Russian cities with the high number of higher education institutions, the analysis of quality of life in the cities chosen, and composite city rating according to the young people’s attractiveness when they chose where to continue their education. The analysis show that Moscow, according to its high rank, is still the most attractive city to the young people despite high cost of living there, expensive housing, and social misbalances. Only several urban agglomerations between Moscow and Novosibirsk may stand against Moscow in fight for the talents

Kryukov V. V.

Keywords: university educational level region quality of life laws innovation strategy the talents knowledge production potential economy

Building agglomerations in the agrarian-industrial complex

The paper analyzes the socio-economic development in the agrarian regions of the Russian Federation. To initiate the raralization processes is considered advisable to overcome the negative social and demographic impacts. The paper identifies the basic social groups, which could be involved in such processes, and the starting conditions under which the said process could be initiated; and suggests a production agglomeration to be used as a form of agricultural production. The author shows the conditions which limit the development of agglomerations at present.

Farkov A. G.

Keywords: agrarian regions production agglomeration Paretto’s optimum production potential cluster infrastructure

Analyzing factors of regional competitiveness

We assess some indicators of regional economic activity which can show the competitiveness of a region, and analyze key factors which are of importance for their higher competitiveness and which we consider to be an empirical basis for assessing regional competitiveness. Factors and impetus to higher regional competitiveness are classified. To illustrate our conclusions, we compared some competitive positions of the Novosibirsk Oblast with those for other regions of the Siberian Federal District.

Kolomak Ie. A.

Keywords: competitiveness region region factors geographic location production potential infrastructure human capital

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