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Local Government and Peculiarities of Russian Federalism

The paper considers what difficulties Russia faced in establishing local government. Such difficulties were caused, first of all, by significant differentiation of the spatial socio-economic development of the country and peculiar regulatory environment of fiscal federalism pertaining to regulation of local government. We present our recommendations on improving federal laws concerning tax and fiscal relations.

Marshalova A. S. marnov@ieie.nsc/ru

Keywords: federal law fiscal federalism depressed area municipal entities spatial differentiation principles of the fiscal system

Municipal units and innovation development

The study analyses the development problems of small cities and rural municipalities in the context of transition to the innovation development of economy. Since many of Russian rural municipalities are not yet fully industrialized, the innovations must take place first of all in governance which, in its turn, could stimulate technological modernization of traditional sectors and the development of regional clusters where municipal units may yield the advantages they have and thus have higher competitiveness.

Marshalova A. S. marnov@ieie.nsc/ru

Novoselov A. S. asnov@ieie.nscr

Keywords: depressed area municipal units peculiarities of regional reproduction processes competitiveness Paretto’s optimum innovation policy

Russian federalism: regional policy of supporting municipal units

Proceeding from a view that a municipal level of governance seems to be a matter-of-course basis both for federate relations and an effective decentralized decision-making system in modern economy, we consider the development issues of municipal units and population settlement patterns. We also discuss what informational base is required to make good strategic decisions on of population settlement patterns, and try to identify what threats the recessionary events, which are progressing in Russian economy, may pose to municipal units and what capacities municipal units have to resist.

Klistorin V. I.

Keywords: federalism centralization decentralization regional policy regional policy spatial development depressed area

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