Санеев Б. Г.
Saneev B. G.



№2 Energy and Economic Prerequisites for the Use of Renewable Energy Sources in the “Baikal-Hovsgol” Cross-Border Territory
№1 The Eastern Vector of Russia’s Energy Strategy and Its Impact on the Energy Efficiency of the Economy of the Baikal Region


№2 Eastern Vector of the Russian Energy Strategy: Current State and Prospects


№3 Multipurpose utilization of natural gas in the Baikal Region: backgrounds, vectors, and implementation conditions


№3 The role of the energy sector in the socio-economic development of the Baikal region


№5 Basic trends in economic studies of energy development in Russia's eastern regions
№5 Eastern vector - a priority direction of Russia's energy development in the first half of the 21st century
№5 Energy markets in Russia: role and place of eastern regions
№5 Structural changes in the perspective fuel and energy balances
№5 Problems and prospects ofoil and gas industrydevelopment
№5 Problems and mechanisms of environmental policy implementationforfuel and energycomplexdevelopment


№1 Energy Concept for Eastern Russia: scientific and practical approaches to its implementation


№2 Variants of the master area route Eastern Siberia – Pacific ocean oil pipeline: geological environmental assessment


№1 Energy strategry of the Khabarovsk kray: main points


№1 Russian-Northeast-Asian energy cooperation


№1 Oil and gas industry development in the east of Russia
№1 Comparative efficiency of long-distance transportation of national gas and coal


№3 The role of energy resources of eastern regions in the solution of national economic problems
№3 The role of Siberian energy resources in the national fuel and energy complex
№3 Territorial energy-production complexes as a prospective form of spatial organization of regional industrial forces