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Assessing the links between economic growth and political institutions in regions

The paper analyzes a process of building an institution of governors for subjects of the Russian Federation, and how the political changes taken place in the 2000-s influenced the GRP growth rates, in particular, when assignment of governors substituted for their election. We also analyze economic consequences of the shifting of regional authorities.

Druzhinin P. V.

Keywords: region economy incomes region party economy

Electoral preferences of residents in municipal units

The study shows the significant difference in political parties' positions on basic economic issues that allow visualizing a factor space of their electorate's preferences and identifying the electorate of each party. We identify factors and relative vectors of electorate's political orientation; and show the stability of electoral preferences. We can state that our knowledge of people's electoral preferences allows identifying those groups of the population in each municipal unit which may vote for some or other party.

Malov K. V.

Keywords: electorate behavior preferences local governance local self-government party election electoral core potential electorate

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