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Building organizational and economic mechanisms of the accelerated socio-economic development in Siberia

The paper considers the issues of building organizational and economic mechanisms required to strengthen a position of Siberia in the Russian economic space. Our proposals concern such issues as how to modernize the regional policy and regional strategic planning, to ensure the implementation of the Siberian Socio-Economic Development Strategy and innovations in regions, and to build economic mechanisms required for developing production in this macroregion. A special focus is the radical modernization of a Siberian resource complex.

Kriukov V. A.

Kuleshov V. V.

Seliverstov V. Ye.

Keywords: Siberia development mechanisms regional policy diagnostics region

A new program of basic researches on the Russian spatial development

The paper presents a brief review of results obtained within the program on «Fundamental Issues of Spatial Development: Interdisciplinary Synthesis» launched by the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Sciences for 2009-2011. It also presents the program on «The Role of the Space in Modernization of Russia: Resource and Socio-Economic Potentials» for2012-2014 -its objectives, goals, list of topics and organizational framework. This new program is notable for its continuity of the previous one and its focus on a dual role the space - as an integrated resource and limited condition of system transformations in the country.

Kotlyakov V. M.

Glezer O. B.

Treyvish A. I.

Shvetzov A. N.

Keywords: interdisciplinary synthesis spatial and regional development region factors resources limitations and barriers region

Disintegration of Russia: isitpossible?

The paper considers trends and perspectives of spatial transformations taken place in the Russian economic space. The tasks of the strategic spatial development in Russia are formulated here

Granberg A. G.

Keywords: Kyrgyz Republic region Russia trends region

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