Селиверстов В. Е.
Seliverstov V. Ye.



№3 Academic Cooperation in Siberia and Kazakhstan: Between the Past and the Future


№4 The Five-Year Period of Russia’s Spatial Development and Regional Policy: Running in Place Or Getting Ready for a Breakthrough?
№1 Russian Regions and the Federal Center Against Global Threats: a Year of Fighting COVID-19


№2 Cross-Border Interactions in the Russian East: Research Support and Tasks Before the Siberian Branch of the RAS
№2 Urban Studies and Urban Economics: Theories, Domestic and International Practices, Training


№4 Akademgorodok 2.0: Development Scenarios and Management System
№1 Akademgorodok 2.0 Megaproject: Dreams Come True?


№2 Spatial Development Strategy of Russia: Expectation and Reality


№4 Siberia’s Role in the Spatial Development of Russia and its Positioning in the Russian Federation Spatial Development Strategy


№4 Strategic Planning and Strategic Miscounts: Russian Realia and Trends
№1 Program for Reindustrialization of the Economy of Novosibirsk Oblast: Main Outcomes of its Development


№3 Program for Reindustrialization of the Economy of Novosibirsk Oblast: Ideology and Main Directions for Its Implementation


№4 Regional Economy and Spatial Development: Critical Notes
№1 Journal Anniversary: Two Decades of Disseminating Knowledge in Regional Economics and Sociology in the New Conditions


№4 Federalism, Regional Development, and Regional Studies in the Post-Soviet Time: Modernization or Degradation?
№4 Arctic Policies in the Context of Global Instability: Experiences and Lessons for Russia


№2 Siberian school of regional studies within the framework of the program on Fundamental Issues of Spatial Development: Interdisciplinary Synthesis launched by the Presidium of the SB RAS
№1 Building organizational and economic mechanisms of the accelerated socio-economic development in Siberia


№3 Analyzing the regional strategic planning in the Siberian Federal District


№2 Regional monitoring as an informational and managerial base for regional policy and strategic planning


№4 World crisis and Russian spatial socio-economic development strategy
№2 Strategic aims of the long-term development in Siberia
№2 Siberian socio-economic development and the system of global and Russian economic relations
№2 Shaping a multilevel system of strategic planning: methodology, tools and institutions
№1 Federalism and regional policy in modern Russia


№4 New concept of regional policy in the Russian Federation
№2 Myths and “reefs” about Russian regional development and regional policy


№4 Corporate social responsibility as an institution of public-private partnership and efficient regional economic and social policy
№1 Survey of history of the programming documents and studies concerning the Siberia and its regions development


№4 Regional Policy in Russia: Choosing a New Model
№3 Strategic objectives and potential for the Novosibirsk Oblast development


№3 Institutional setting and mechanisms of implementation of Strategy of Social-economic Development of Siberia


№2 Russian-Canadian program “Exchange of Experience in Northern Development”: objectives, tasks and first results
№1 Federalism and regional policy under the strengthened power vertical


№4 A new stage in the cooperation between the northern regions of Canada and of the Siberian Federal District
№3 Transformation of federalism and regional policy at the turn of the centrury


№4 Scientific basis for strategy of the social-economic development of Siberia
№3 A conception of budgetary management in a region