Content №2 от 2012

A new program of basic researches on the Russian spatial development

The paper presents a brief review of results obtained within the program on «Fundamental Issues of Spatial Development: Interdisciplinary Synthesis» launched by the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Sciences for 2009-2011. It also presents the program on «The Role of the Space in Modernization of Russia: Resource and Socio-Economic Potentials» for2012-2014 -its objectives, goals, list of topics and organizational framework. This new program is notable for its continuity of the previous one and its focus on a dual role the space - as an integrated resource and limited condition of system transformations in the country.

Kotlyakov V. M.

Glezer O. B.

Treyvish A. I.

Shvetzov A. N.

Keywords: interdisciplinary synthesis spatial and regional development region factors resources limitations and barriers region

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