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Comparative Assessment of Labour Potential in the North Regions of Russia

The paper proposes a methodical approach to the quantitative-qualitative evaluation of labor potential in regions. The authors performed a comparative analysis of the labor potential dynamics in the Russian northern regions over 2002-2010. As our analysis show, the working life span close to the maximal level, employment index and level of professional education of the employed population are key factors of the integral labor potential index for both Russia and the Russian North. However, the GRP per capita indices and capital-labor ratios, which displayed a many times increase over the time between last and previous censuses, make the most significant contribution to positive dynamics of the labor potential index in the context of the economic growth in 2002-2010

Popova L. A.

Terentyeva M. A.

Keywords: North North labor potential the integral index of labor potential Northern areas

Northern Identity of Russia

The paper brings into focus the north–south divide (the Global North and Global South) to use it as a methodological tool to analyze an identity of the Russian civilization. Being sure that Russian identity may not be regarded as the Global North and Global West, the authors prove the Northern identity of Russia. To admit this fact is important for identifying the future development trends of the Russian domestic and foreign policies.

Popkov Yu. V.

Tyugashev E. A.

Keywords: sociology of world development civilization North Kyrgyz Republic North Russia

Issues of public-private partnership in Northern strategic projects

The study analyses what problems the public authorities experience concerning implementation of strategic development of the Russian North and Arctic, and what role the government plays in reducing geopolitical and administrative risks of such projects. We prove a necessity to have federal coordinators for strategic projects who could act at a preplanning stage and coordinate the measures undertaken by federal authorities to ensure an inter-sectoral balance, coordination of the activity of different companies involved in the projects and a favorable climate in order to have multiplicative effects in regions. Having such coordinators, we could significantly reduce a time of decision-making.

Vizhina I. A.

Kin A. A.

Kharitonova V. N.

Keywords: North the North Arctic region investment mega-projects public and regional priorities

Developing mineral and raw material resources in the North: energy supply variants

The paper analyses the state and problems of the power and fuel suppliers operating in the Northern part of the Russian eastern regions. We describe a methodical approach to selecting an efficient variant of power and fuel supply for new enterprises developing mineral fields. We present the examples of how the new consumers could be effectively powered up to a centralized power supply system as well as some examples of projects for construction of independent power-supplier.

Ivanova I. Iu.

Tuguzova T. F.

Izhbuldin A. K.

Simonenko A. N.

Keywords: North innovation North innovations assessment power supply efficient variant

Northern and Arctic regions: what role they play in Russian development under new geo-economic conditions

The paper shows the growing contradictory tendencies which govern the world line-up and force cohesion in the XXI century. We present our assessment of the environmental, resource and transportation potential in Northern and Arctic regions; and we prove that Russian Northern and Arctic regions are of special interest to the country in ensuring the national economic, geo-politic, defensive and other interests. The energy resources and transportation potential in Northern and Arctic regions, as we believe, could be one of the tools advisable to modernize the national economy and ensure - through realizing an effective governmental socio-economic policy - the sustainable spatial development in Northern and Arctic regions

Selin V. S.

Bashmakova E. P.

Keywords: North Arctic Arctic hydrocarbonic recourses transportation potential Northern Sea Route clusters space geopolitics geoeconomics economic interests

West-Siberian oil-and-gas complex: problems and decisions

The study analyses the issues of the development of the West-Siberian oil-and-gas complex. Before the 1990-s, when the complex was creating as a new national base of oil-and-gas production, the country faced the difficulties due to the lack of investments, equipment, materials, and vehicles, as well as a housing deficit, whereas later the reducing efficiency of the complex's operating was observed. The causes of this economic phenomenon are analyzed here. We also outline a long-run policy of the oil-and-gas production in the region

Bykovsky V. A.

Keywords: North North West Siberia development production oil-and-gas industry assessment gas

Misuse of Northern natural resources: methodical approach to its assessment

The paper shows the methodical features of a technique applied to economic assessment of the natural resources use in the Northern areas where Aboriginal peoples traditionally have lived. It also offers the methodical approaches to assessing such resources misuse.

Loginov V. G.

Keywords: North North Aboriginal peoples traditional resource use economic assessment natural resources cadastre

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