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How the Quality of Urban Environment and Level of Higher Education Impact on University Enrollees’ Choice

The paper presents a list of the Russian cities with the high number of higher education institutions, the analysis of quality of life in the cities chosen, and composite city rating according to the young people’s attractiveness when they chose where to continue their education. The analysis show that Moscow, according to its high rank, is still the most attractive city to the young people despite high cost of living there, expensive housing, and social misbalances. Only several urban agglomerations between Moscow and Novosibirsk may stand against Moscow in fight for the talents

Kryukov V. V.

Keywords: university educational level region quality of life laws innovation strategy the talents knowledge production potential economy

Innovation development: problems of measurement

The paper presents the results of studies on identifying a set of indicators to assess innovation development and its applying to innovation management. Using the EC data, the author shows the situation in this sphere characteristic for this most advanced region. As such indicators are mainly of the analytical characters, the necessity to apply a widen set of indicators to solve both analytical and managerial tasks is obvious. The innovation strategies developed by EC are also considered here, and the key indicators of major strategies are offered.

Zverev V. S.

Keywords: European Union European Union innovation development innovation strategy innovation scoreboard innovation development innovation strategy indicators

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