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How the Quality of Urban Environment and Level of Higher Education Impact on University Enrollees’ Choice

The paper presents a list of the Russian cities with the high number of higher education institutions, the analysis of quality of life in the cities chosen, and composite city rating according to the young people’s attractiveness when they chose where to continue their education. The analysis show that Moscow, according to its high rank, is still the most attractive city to the young people despite high cost of living there, expensive housing, and social misbalances. Only several urban agglomerations between Moscow and Novosibirsk may stand against Moscow in fight for the talents

Kryukov V. V.

Keywords: university educational level region quality of life laws innovation strategy the talents knowledge production potential economy

Social Base for State Youth Policy in Rural Areas

The article analyzes the attitude of rural population in Novosibirsk Oblast towards national and regional youth policy. We assess how satisfied the rural youth is with life and current changes in the country. There has been identified that the younger generation is loosely involved in development of the territory where they reside. We discover high potential of youth policy social base in rural areas which can be unlocked by raising awareness of rural youth about the current youth policy programs. The paper demonstrates a specific attitude of rural youth towards youth policy

Novikova Yu. O.

Keywords: youth policy rural youth of Novosibirsk Oblast region quality of life social activity

Regional Competitive Potentials and Competitive Attractiveness

The paper considers the current dimensions of competition and groups of consumers for which regions compete with each other. A definition of competitive potentials in a region is presented as well as the calculations of such potentials according to five factors such as the economic development, development of infrastructures, innovation development, quality of life, and human potential, each by a 100-point appraisal plan. We present our assessment of the competitive potentials for several Russian federal districts and regions classified by the technique proposed and discuss how such assessments could be applied.

Grinchel B. M.

Keywords: region region competitive potential economic development competitive attractiveness innovation development region human potential

Building societal community as a problem of a regional development strategy

The study considers a regional social community concept. A regional social community is regarded as a system of the community members' interpersonal and intergroup attitudes based on their awareness of the solidarity in interests, values and life expectations, mutual support, loyalty and partnership for reaching common goals. We consider the building of such regional social community as a pre-condition of better quality of life and a necessary component of any regional development strategy. We also identify the basic stractural elements of a social community (values, standards and collectivities) and principles to develop such concept.

Ushamirskaya G. F.

Babintsev V. P.

Babintseva E. I.

Keywords: region region quality of life social capital regional social community social capital reflexiveness solidarity

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