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The Oil-and-Gas Sector and Development of the Russian Economy

The paper analyzes the theoretical issues of an institutional rent by presenting a case study for the Russian oil-and-gas sector and how this sector influences the economy under different conditions of the world market. The calculations are made by applying the dynamic optimization models for money flows in the national economy. We assess how hydrocarbon prices of the world market influence the GDP dynamics, consolidated budget, and direct investments, and what minimal level of the oil prices should be to ensure a minimal effective level of the economic development. Our calculations show that there are resources to diversify the federal fiscal revenue but very few effective projects to realize this.

Kriukov V. A.

Marshak V. D.

Keywords: oil-and-gas sector oil-and-gas sector rent area of Baikal-Amur Main Line (BAM) money flows models commercial and public efficiency

Economic impacts of governmental regulation in the forestry

An official assessment of the quality and volume of the Russian forest resources would promote governmental regulation of the timber processing complex. Even an initial step in such regulation - increased export duties for roundwood - impacted negatively having made the timber harvesting in the Eastern regions unprofitable. However, according to the customs statistics, no export structural changes have been observed. We can state that implementation of the projects which became "priority ones" due to a favourable access to resources may results in the relative overproduction of cellulose and its market difficulties. New timber processing technologies could change the structure of current competitive advantages in the world's timber processing complex

Blum Iu. Sh.

Babenko T. I.

Mashkina L. V.

Yermolaev O. V.

Keywords: Forestry Code customs duties assessment consequences commercial and public efficiency priority projects

Capacity of energy markets in the countries of Northeast Asia for Russian energy resources

We analyze a current situation on energy markets in the countries of Northeast Asia, and we present our economic forecast of these markets as well as possible market capacity for Russian fuel and energy resources for the period till 2030.

Popov S. P.

Sokolov D. A.

Keywords: countries of Northeast Asia energy markets commercial and public efficiency export energy consumption import fuel and energy resources

Energy markets in Russia: role and place of eastern regions

We present our forecast of supply and demand for fuel and energy in Russia for the first half the XXI century. We show what role the eastern regions would play in Russian production and consumption of fuel and energy resources, and what dynamics and structure of energy resources export to the European part of Russia and abroad could be observed.

Saneev B. G.

Lagerev A. V.

Khanaeva V. N.

Keywords: energy markets region energy markets energy consumption commercial and public efficiency

Natural resource development projects implemented in the Yamal-Nenetz Autonomous Okrug: export risks

The paper considers the issues of the long-term development in the Yamal-Ne-netz Autonomous Okrug. We show that the current financial and economic crisis may significantly affect the implementation of the large-scale projects of system-forming character for this region. We also evaluate the export risks for the Yamal Natural Gas Production Project if European partners switch over to other gas markets. Should the Project be withdrawn, the regional fiscal losses will be so high that the complete revision of the Yamal socio-economic strategy will be required.

Kharitonova V. N.

Keywords: region Siberia region strategy system-forming project commercial and public efficiency energy-output ratio

Diversified oil policy in the Republic of Kazakhstan

The complex analysis of the oil policy conducted by the Republic of Kazakhstan identifies potential ways of its diversifying. The best variant to develop the oil-and-gas sector is gradual increasing of the volumes of oil-and-gas processing and covering of the inland and foreign consumers' demand for wide variety of oil-products.

Zhumagulov R. B.

Keywords: Kazakhstan oil commercial and public efficiency oil export diversification major pipelines markets

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