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Reality of Regions and Regional Research

The paper analyzes the mains problems of a consistently-functioning state. Economic stagnation and abnormally high dependence on the global economy, reducing level of habitation in geopolitically important areas of a country, historic settlement system crisis, distortion of the structure and decline in skilled labor reserves, as well as low chances to implement regional and local initiatives—all the arguments are examined in the framework of internal misbalance of natural resource, economic, infrastructural, socio-demographic, and administrative potentials of local territories. Moreover, we present how subjects of conceptual studies on the described phenomena and their number do not correspond with their public prominence because of their results not requested by the government authorities

Leksin V. N.

Keywords: monopolization tax preferences tax privileges stability balance labor resources level of habitation in areas settlement system region

Effectiveness of regional and local authorities: purposes and possibilities of the correct assessment

The paper considers issues concerning the techniques allowing correct assessment of how effective the regional and municipal authorities operate. We present our general considerations whether such assessments could be applicable for more detailed matters of evaluation - such as separate duties or powers - and to what degree they really influence the parameters of local situations under the context of existing resources and all-out dependence on national policies, law, and etc. We criticize both current assessment techniques and practices of distribution and redistribution of regional and local powers. We also show the problems and possibilities of applying the results of pollings to the operation of authorities.

Leksin V. N.

Keywords: region region authorities effectiveness and efficiency methods of assessment powers administrative effects

Strategic support for regions: problems in assessing a status of an innovation territory

The paper analyzes the qualitative and quantitative methods for assessing the regional innovation activity, and criteria and procedures for selecting RF regions to be governmentally supported. We present the results of our testing made according to different rating techniques, and present our proposals how to improve the methodical approaches to and statistical data on evaluation of innovation statuses of regions.

Untura G. A.

Keywords: region innovation Paretto’s optimum region region innovation cluster authorities education financial resources

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