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The Declared and Actual Priorities of Regional and Local Authorities: How to Identify and Compare

The paper analyzes the approaches which could allow identifying, comparing and explaining a correspondence (or discrepancy) between the declared priorities of the socio-economic policies carried out by regional or municipal authorities (for example, strategic plans) and actual one (for example, those reflecting how public funds are handled). We tested such approaches for several city districts of the North-West areas of Russia through decomposing the project documents and using tools of budget analysis to show that representation and comparison of such declared and actual priorities in a formal manner is principally realizable.

Zhikharevich B. S.

Zhunda N. B.

Rusetskaya O. V.

Keywords: priority principles of federalism diagnostics fiscal policy strategic planning budget expenditures municipality region

Modern Russian federalism: political and fiscal problems

Having analyzed the governmental program documents on the Russian federate and intergovernmental relations, we can state that a current system of federate institutions proved to be ineffective. However, the awareness of a necessity to decentralize powers and financial resources does exist in the country but still no serious reforms concerning federate relations and regional policy have been seen on the current agenda. Moreover, quite a few of the governmental decisions - often contradictory ones - stand in for such reforms. As for intergovernmental relations, two processes of redistribution of powers - delegation of responsibilities and delegation financial resources to the regional and local levels -can be observed at present, the first one is often faster than the second at that.

Klistorin V. I.

Keywords: centralization decentralization centralization decentralization principles of federalism intergovernmental relations federate institutions

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