Content №4 от 2009

World crisis and Russian spatial socio-economic development strategy

The paper considers the issues of how the crisis can be diagnosed in Russian regions and how the national anti-crises program can be regionalized including the question of efficiency of such regional anti-crises programs. We analyses the potential anti-crisis scenarios and how the current crisis may affect the future trajectory of regional development. On the base of the calculations made by applying the interregional intersectoral models, we presented some variants of a long-term forecast for the spatial socio-economic development in the Russian Federation.

Granberg A. G.

Miheeva N. N.

Minakir P. A.

Kuleshov V. V.

Iershov Iu. S.

Seliverstov V. Ye.

Suslov V. I.

Suspitsyn S. A.

Keywords: crisis region crisis region regional policy anti-crisis programs

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