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The Siberian Federal District within the Current Russian Economy

The paper compares indicators of the SFD economic development with those concerning Russia in whole. It shows major qualitative differences of the dynamics in this region over the initial and next periods of the economic reforms; key factors of the negative development trends in the region; and their specifics in the 1990-s and beginning of the current century. Our main conclusion is that not so many the positive changes in the role the District played in recent years can be observed and the District shows a relatively stable position within Russian economy. Moreover, the time of radical changes of the spatial production and consumption indicators is over for the most part, and there are no signs of the stable and especially radical spatial proportions which would allow the suggestion that the SFD started reinstating its positions it had lost in the past

Iershov Iu. S.

Keywords: regional economy regional economy comparative dynamics of the macro-economic indicators intergovernmental relations

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