Content №2 от 2020

Cross-Border Interactions in the Russian East: Research Support and Tasks Before the Siberian Branch of the RAS

The article discusses approaches to improving the spatial development of the Russian Federation and increasing the performance of public regional, science and technology policies by enhancing cross-border cooperation in the East of Russia. We analyze the problems related to the “eastern vector" of the country’s spatial development and conclude that much of the reserves are being unused. This priority area of spatial development and cross-border interactions in Asian Russia does not yet receive sizeable research support, and major activities and projects take shape on the initiative of state corporations and vertically integrated companies. In this regard, the article shows the need to establish, within the structure of the Siberian Branch of the RAS, an Interna­tional Research Center for Cross-border Interactions in North and North-East Asia, which would focus on creating and putting into practice the concept of a modernized eastern vector of Russia’s development and derived govern­ment policy on that basis. The emphasis for such a center should be on streng­thening the role of Siberian and Far Eastern regions in economic and sci-tech intercountry relations in North-East Asia. The article ends up with the goals, objectives and main lines of research at the Center as a new-type network scientific and organizational structure functioning like analytical think tanks.

Parmon V. N.

Kriukov V. A.

Seliverstov V. Ye.

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