Content №2 от 2020

Energy and Economic Prerequisites for the Use of Renewable Energy Sources in the “Baikal-Hovsgol” Cross-Border Territory

The paper presents a brief description of the state of power supply to the Baikal-Hovsgol cross-border territory covering the Tunka area of the Republic of Buryatia and the Hijvsgiol aymag of Mongolia. Power is supplied via an extended radial power line, which is characterized by poor reliability and low voltage levels for the consumer. The territory has a special status of nature management due to the recreational zones and large national parks of Russia and Mongolia adjacent to each other. We propose the use of renewable energy sources for the development of power supply systems as one of the strategic directions of the Russia-Mongolia energy cooperation. The paper provides a brief description of the state of renewable energy development in the Republic of Buryatia and Mongolia and normative acts aimed at its stimulation. We analyze available solar and wind energy resources in the territory and divide the Baikal-HUvsgol cross-border territory into zones in terms of solar radiation and average annual wind speed. Based on a comparison of the cal­culated performance indices of the photovoltaic (PV) module and wind turbine for the considered territory, the paper concludes that priority should be given to PV power stations.

Saneev B. G.

Ivanova I. Iu.

Khalgaeva N. A.

Batmunkh S. S.

Purevdorj G. G.

Unurmaa Ts. Ts.

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