Content №2 от 2013

The State and Problems of Transportation Infrastructure in the Siberian Strategy

Having analyzed the course, problems, and prospects of the development in the Siberian transportation sector which we consider as one of the most important factor of the successful implementation of the Siberian Socio-Economic Development Strategy up to 2020, we can conclude that the infrastructure failed to meet the current requirements and prospects of future development of the region and country. Our proposals are to speed up the implementation of the infrastructural projects and change the approaches to their management and financing. We also present our assessment of the volumes of investments required for modernization of the Siberian Federal District infrastructure.

Psarev V. I.

Psareva T. V.

Goncharova I. A.

Keywords: Siberian Federal District Siberia Siberian Federal District assessment Trans-Siberian Railway transport-logistic centers strategy

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