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Nuclear Pollution Impact on the East-Ural Area: Socio-Ecologic Assessment

On the base of the sociologic surveys carried out by the Institute of Economics (Ural Branch of SBRAS) in the cities and communities of Chelyabinsk, Sverdlovsk and Kurgan oblasts, the paper analyzes the nuclear risks and their impacts on the level of the socio-psychological stress observed in the nuclear polluted areas of the Southern Ural. We show to what degree people’s radiophobia negatively impact on their social, labor and cultural activity as well as their family and everyday life and reproduction. Most people living in the nuclear polluted areas have a special psychological status which can be characterized by rather high socio-psychological tonicity, long-lasting stress, dominated accentuated personality traits, and pathologic psychological reactions and types of psychic activity

Pavlov B. S.

Keywords: Eastern Ural areas of nuclear pollution health information energy-output ratio family risks family

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