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Economic modernization of Siberia

The paper shows evolution of the Siberian development. Over a hundred years five large-scale projects were implemented here. The creation of the Siberian branches of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Russian Academy of Medical Sciences and Russian Academy of Agricultural Sciences could be regarded as the sixth mega-project. All these projects built a resource base of other projects and regional production complexes. These projects served a purpose of the national security and made Siberia a region which can attract labour forces; each mega-project gave a powerful incentive to national progress. Today these projects are of great importance as their lessons help us aware and realize an idea of building «an airbag» to minimize negative consequences of the world financial crisis. The paper also identifies the problems of a new long-term Arctic and Arctic Shelf Project; why several projects of the XX century failed fully or partly; it assesses the demographic and migration elements of the Siberian development; and describes the projects aimed at modernization of the regional agricultural complex and such spheres as science and education.

Kuleshov V. V.

Keywords: Siberia West Siberia Siberia economy development

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