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Regional appreciations: technique andempiricalmeasurements

The paper offers a technique to assess regional appreciations in a multi-regional socio-economic system. This technique is based on the specially prepared arrays of regional indicators. Empirical estimations are calculated for federal districts and 30 macro-regions of Russia. We present our recommendations on applying this technique to make predictive calculations of how the special structure of the Russian economy could develop.

Suspitsyn S. A.

Keywords: region economy regional policy spatial transformations region

Russian regions in the period between two crisis of 1998 and 2008

The paper describes the socio-economic situation in Russian regions over 2000-2007 - the period of the crisis-free development - through our analyses of such indicators as the comparative indicators of regional growth, transformation of the territorial structure, basic indicators of regional development, comparative consolidated indices of the situation in the units of the Russian Federation, and lists of regions-leaders and regions-outsiders.

Suspitsyn S. A.

Keywords: spatial transformations indicators region spatial transformations

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