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Main Trends of Subfederal Fiscal Policy

The paper defines conditions necessary for a financial base of a local government, proposes a technique to analyze the structure, fiscal sustainability and efficiency of subfederal fiscal policy examined on the basis of fiscal data on Novosibirsk Oblast for the period 2006–2012. We have assessed the structure of the local budget in Novosibirsk Oblast and calculated characteristics of inhomogeneity of fiscal indicators before and after regional budget allocation. The obtained results indicate that inhomogeneity of budget revenues reduces after municipal governments are funded from the regional budget. We identify territories influencing significantly the differentiation indices taking into account funds from a superior budget. Having assessed the how effective the stimuli increase tax revenues of local budget, we can draw a conclusion that the used stimuli work towards saving and developing tax potential of municipal institutions. In general, subfederal fiscal policy is focused on optimizing local revenue base foundation and execution

Sumskaya T. V.

Keywords: information and communications technologies municipal unit local self-governance local authorities subfederal fiscal policy

Key way to have more consolidated local budgets

The study presents the author's recommendations on how to improve a local fiscal and tax system with regard to such issue as the revenue and tax distribution and a total increase of local budgets. We offer a management structure which allows the effective distribution of powers and budget resources among different levels of local governments. We prove that some tax revenue should go in favor of local governments.

Sumskaya T. V.

Keywords: local governance local self-governance subfederal fiscal policy intergovernmental relations

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