Content №2 от 2021

The Quality of Public Medical Procurement in Competitive Procedures

The article is devoted to ensuring the quality of procurement in competitive procedures at the contract execution stage. Public medical institutions continue having problems with the deliveries of low-quality goods regardless of how contractual provisions are imposed. The study examines the procurement pro­cess and analyzes the public procurement of medical institutions in Moscow. We define the factors that affect the quality of delivered purchases, pointing out various procurement procedures and contract types that medical institutions use. The article also describes simple and complex contracts with verifiable and unverifiable quality. It estimates competition at the auctions where the number of participants is a decisive factor determining their success. We examine how the incentive system influences suppliers. The fixed-quality auction mechanism is compared to the negotiable-quality one. It is shown that the capacity of com­petitive procedures to ensure quality procurement depends on the customer discretion: the type of the contract, the comprehensiveness of the designed terms of reference, the choice of procurement method, and the degree of quality checks and the incentives system applied to suppliers. Following our research, we suggest that standardized goods or services should be purchased at open e-auctions, while those complex ones with difficult expense accounting must involve a negotiation stage. The systematized results help improve the appro­aches to analyzing policies in procurement quality assurance and well-thought-out contract policy implementation by public authorities.

Kravtsova M. V.

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