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How Indicators of Educational Institutions Contribute to Rating Positions of Cities and Urban Agglomerations and Reflect Their Competitiveness

We address this study in the context of a role that educational institutions play in increasing the competitiveness of a city or an urban agglomeration. One of the most relevant objectives for educational management is the need to define mechanisms that tie together the education sector with city/agglomeration competitiveness. In order to compare the said urban competitiveness, one can choose from a wide variety of city ratings available at both commercial and academic sources. A rating is usually composed of integral indicators being used to evaluate how educational institutions contribute to rating positions of cities and urban agglomerations.
We have performed a comparative analysis of the composition and weights of the said indicators. When any direct information on a rating methodology and/or indicator weights was absent, a correlation analysis was used to determine a degree of connection between the mentioned indicators and the rating position.
The results imply that we need to distinguish two rating types. The first type reflects the actual situation of a city/agglomeration. These ratings demon­strated a rather low weight of the indicator groups describing educational institutions to the ratings. If the information on indicators composition was accessible, the indicators describing higher education prevailed. The rating methodologies less frequently considered formalized institutions at other levels of education. The second type (identified via the said correlation analysis) reflects development prospects and increasing urban competitiveness. These demonstrate moderately strong and strong ties between a resulting city/agglo­meration rank and a rank reflecting either functions or state of educational institutions.

Popov А. А.

Drobyshev I. A.

Glukhov P. P.

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